Running light mod

Turning the running light to turn signal with magic blinker from CUSTOMLED.COM

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Suzuki Burgman Magic Blinker Pair Installation
Check out my store for awesome GoPro mounts and accessories Leave a COMMENT, THUMB UP, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! :) install magic blinker on burgman 650 so you can have running lights without change the sockets for 1157! Don't forget to watch in HD 720p! Facebook Fan page - Mitch's Scooter Stuff My scooter stuff blog Suzuki Burgman 650 tutorial videos Filmed By Mitch Bergsma Edited on Final Cut Pro 7

2009 Vivid Orange & Black Yamaha R6
Current Mods to my R6: 6000k Dual HID Kit ZG DB Windscreen MotoDynamics Integrated Tail Light Flushmount Side Markers Magic Blinker Orange 6 Strip LED Kit Fender Eliminator Swing Arm Spools Custom Seat Covers from reservior covers

Honda CBR1000RR Exhaust Flapper Mod
Here's me fumbling my way through a how-to video on disconnecting the Exhaust flapper on the current CBR1000RR. **Perform this at your own risk** There's a few videos around on this, but a lot are pretty shaky. I know when I'm researching something, I like to see a few opinions and techniques on things. Hopefully someone may find this useful.

How to use running light as a turn signal
this shows you how to hook up an AUX light so it can be used as both a turn signal and a running light. this will work on both motorcycles or cars and trucks Or how to use your turn signal as a running light Or how to use your running lights as a turn signal All you need is, Your Aux. Light Some hook up wire and a 5 pin 12v 30/40a Relay Here is a Diagram of the hook up:¤t=t urnrunninglight.jpg