Running light mod

Turning the running light to turn signal with magic blinker from CUSTOMLED.COM

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Gregg's Custom LED Turn Signal
here is a quick test of how bright they are in the daytime.

'07 R1 Running Light/Turn Signal Mod
'07 Running Light/Turn Signal Mod

How to use running light as a turn signal
this shows you how to hook up an AUX light so it can be used as both a turn signal and a running light. this will work on both motorcycles or cars and trucks Or how to use your turn signal as a running light Or how to use your running lights as a turn signal All you need is, Your Aux. Light Some hook up wire and a 5 pin 12v 30/40a Relay Here is a Diagram of the hook up:¤t=t urnrunninglight.jpg

Kawasaki ZX6r 2006 636 Dyno with quickshift set up Full leo vince SBK carbon
My bike is a zx6r 636 2006 with full leo vince system with the baffle removed and K&N filter fitted. The bike was 116bhp when it started and is now running 121.8 BHP Hope you enjoy! There is a cheeky pop of flame that appears aswel which is always nice :P