98 Honda Accord Megan Racing

98 accord. full megan racing Exhaust. 2.3L v-tec F23. 96 Neon coupe. apexi n1 header back Exhaust. light engine modz. custom widebody kit

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Vinhs 98 Accord exhaust vid
Nothing special, Just a lowered 4cyl Auto Honda. 2.25 from cat back to fart can. What you guys dont know is that mini van was a 2JZ 1000hp powered beast. LOLZ and more pics of the car: http://v6performance.net/forums/showthread.php?t=79182

Honda Custom Exhaust Rev Battle!
My friends and I were bored, so we did this... Lol 1st) 1992 Honda Accord EX 5-speed Mods: No brand short ram intake Pacesetter upper header Stock Exhaust piping No brand muffler 8mm plug wires 2nd) 1998 Honda Accord LX V6 Mods: Injen short ram intake Full 3inch cat back Skunk2 3" muffler 3rd)1992 Honda Prelude Si Mods: Apexi dual N1 cat back AEM short ram intake Magnaflow high flow catt

honda accord 98 on dyno + air intake + exhaust
98 on Dyno around 170 hp

All Motor Accord 0-160
My 2000 accord 4dr with F23 Vtec I/H/E setup and full interior. 0-100 in 7 sec Top speed : 220km/h aprox.(not on video) Not bad for an heavy accord with winter tire. Intake : AEM Header : Megan Racing Exhaust : Apexi N1 Clutch : XTD Stage 1