EFI LIVE Duramax Diesel Gets Stuck Under Bridge

The day my truck got totaled due to water damage. Had water up to the steering wheel. Trying to pull a buddy out and found a rock which made me take a strong left and got stuck.

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LBZ Duramax Stuck in the yard
Was trying to pull my boat out of the yard after it rained but failed. gotta get rid of these damn street tires.

Chevy Duramax Diesel 2500HD EFI live turbo bark and freeway pull crazy truck blowing smoke
2002 lb7 Chevy Duramax turbo diesel on the freeway turbo bark blowing smoke efi live tuned. rolling some coal not street racing - not cummins or powerstroke

7.3 Powerstroke and Cummins pulling out stuck duramax
6speed 7.3 Powerstroke on MTZs and a 12v on BFG ATs pullin out a Duramax on BFG ATs. The Dodge and Chevy were both stuck in the mud. The Duramax had a 16ft dump trailer attached to it and has a dump insert. Groud was very wet near pond We hooked the dodge up frist and it would only pull a few feet b4 it would start spinning. So i hooked up the stroke which was on more solid ground.

LBZ w/6" stack and EFI Live
Husker Diesel in Lincoln, NE installed a 6" stack straightpiped from the downpipe back, along with a healthy EFI Live tune on the white LBZ. Mods on the white truck include 6" stack, transgo jr, and EFI Live tuning. The tune removes the "hiss" at idle, as well as raised the shiftpoints and removed the rev limiter and added quite a bit of power :D. The black truck is owned by the owner of Husker diesel. Mods include 20" rims, lift blocks in back, t-bars cranked in front, HID's, 5" straight pipe and EFI Live tuning.