Scotty Cannon Pro Mod 5.738@252.71 Shakedown at ETown 10.4.08

Scotty Cannon Pro Mod - 5.738@252.71 Shakedown at ETown 10.4.08

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Scotty Cannon has a story to tell. The six-time Pro Modified champion will forever be known as one of the most iconic figures in the volatile doorslammer class, but what is not common knowledge is the hard road he traveled to reach this status. Cannon learned from the locals how to make a car run well and how to win. He also used a headstrong attitude when it came to just participating in drag racing against his father's will. The more he learned, the more he became involved. Cannon was in the right place at the right time as the Pro Modified movement swept the southeastern United States. By his sophomore season as a professional he had established himself as the champion to beat. In this episode of Legends: The Series, Cannon discusses his road from a naive kid wanting to drive fast to the favorite target of the rulesmakers to his unexpected road to fulfilling a dream. As Cannon reveals, "Don't dig your hole so deep chasing your dream that you cannot get out of it if you need to."

WORLDS FASTEST BLOWER CAR - Frankie Taylor 5.47@263mph
Frankie and Paul Taylor in their Larry Jeffer's Built Outlaw Pro Mod Corvette. This video features all of Frankie's record breaking passes from the Street Car Super Nationals at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis. Frankie actually set a new 1/4 mile ET World Record on the first hit off of the trailer and then traded the record back and forth with the Q80 Twin turbo Camaro driven Turky Al Zafiri. The two cars met up in the finals where they laid down the Worlds Fastest side by side Pro Mod race of all time as both cars actually broke the World Record ET and MPH. The turbo car leaves with the ET and MPH World Record but Frankie Taylor is still the quickest and fastest blown Pro Mod on the planet. Hats of to entire Taylor Family Racing Team.

Scotty Cannon Shuffletown 1987 Scotty Cannon at Shuffletown Dragway August 1987

cannon record
Scott Canon on his record setting performance at the 2008 Shakedown At E Town.