Ford Flex Ecoboost vs Camaro SS drag racing - Flex wins!

Nitrous pass in my 2011 Ford Flex vs a 2012 Camaro SS Make sure to visit for all of your EcoBoost tuning needs where the FASTEST ecoBoost talk about their mods

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CTS-V 10.3@133 with bolt ons - 2nd pass in the video.
Got the new combo dialed in. First pass is on street setup - 19x10" rear with 305/35R19 Mickey Thomson Tires - the rattle is wheel hop. Day time passes are on 17x11" Weld wheels with 325/45R17 M&H tires. The last pass on the video, the Nitrous was armed and purged (you can see horn getting honked = purge) however the fuse blew so no Nitrous that pass. More videos coming soon!

Video of ProEFI gauges on CTS-V NAV screen using Gaugeart and CTS Lockpick
Initial gauge setup from Gaugeart - some aren't working correctly but being addressed. This utilizes a ProEFI for engine control displaying via CAN bus integration with Gaugeart and Coastal Tech CTS lockpick to display on the NAV screen.

ProEFI 2 step working on stock trans/converter in 2011 Cadillac CTS-V
Got the 2 step to build Boost on stock trans/converter car utilizing ProEFI ECU. Can't wait to try this at the track with the drag wheels/tires. You can hear the traction control from ProEFI kicking in to stop the spin off the launch.

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