SoundRacer V12 in SAAB 9-5 on racetrack

Charlotte Haegermark, Driver, Swedish National Karting Team, tests the new SAAB 9-5 on Göteborgs GokartCenter track and the genuine Ferrari V12 engine sound of the SoundRacer makes her driving pleasure even more exciting! Note! The engine sounds in this video are real SoundRacer V12 and SAAB 9-5 Aero turbo BioPower, recorded by the video camera. No sounds are added but some exterior clip are edited into interior recording, actually, the SoundRacer sound is only heard inside the car, through the car stereo speakers.

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SoundRacer X with V8 V10 V10J V12 V-twin GSX
SoundRacer X Car FM Transmitter is delivered with six exciting engine sounds on a MicroSD card: Shelby Mustang V8 (at 0:19), Lamborghini V10 (1:00), Lexus LFA V10 (1:14), Ferrari V12 (1:45), Harley-Davidson V-Twin (2:12) and Suzuki GSX (3:04). Sound parameters can be set and new sound files added with the SoundRacer File Generator Windows program. SoundRacer X production started 17 June 2016 but sold out fast and next production will be delivered from factory 16th January 2017. The video is made 2015 with prototype samples.

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SoundRacer V12 Ferrari sound
Soon you can have this great Ferrari sound and five other exciting engine sounds in your own car! Just plug in the new SoundRacer X, revv up and drive. Have fun! Available globally in March 2016. See, hear and where to buy this and other engine sounds on Engine sound from a 1980 Ferrari 512BBLM with a 4.942 liter / 301.6 cu in Type F102 BB LM V 12 engine. 500 bhp / 373 KW @ 7000 rpm. The video is recorded in a 2010 SAAB 9-5 Aero turbo4 with a 1.998 liter / 121,9 cu in turbo 4 cyl engine. 220 bhp / 162 KW @ 5300 rpm. More info at