How to Get Into Racing - Karts at Monticello Motor Club

JF Musial and Leo Parente head to Monticello Motor Club to get some seat time behind two 12hp karts to answer your questions on how to get into racing.

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Christian Hewgill investigates Kart Racing, the sport where all of Britain's current Formula 1 drivers started their career. It's widely seen as the first step on the motorsport ladder, but are the costs of Karting restricting talent, and stopping good drivers rising to the top? Nottingham Trent University & ITN TV Documentary of the Year 2013 - Winner "A beautifully-crafted piece of television. It had everything. This was a top-class piece of television journalism." Robin Elias. ITN Follow Christian on Twitter @ChrisHewgill

Go-Karting with Lewis Hamilton in the rain!
I had the opportunity to meet Lewis Hamilton at the first ever Barbados Festival of Speed this year, and Lewis himself wanted to drive with us. It started pouring rain just before we went out, so there was no time to change tires. We were all on slicks! This was not a serious race, but was still extremely challenging with the conditions. A big thanks to the BKA and everyone at Bushy Park for an awesome weekend.

We slapped a 125cc engine on a $100 go kart frame. Entire project came out to $600. Silver engine turned out to be no good so we replaced it with semi-auto engine in this video Music used in the video is; Staccato by Vibe Tracks, Shake by Vibe tracks, You like it by Vibe tracks, Invisible by Vibe Tracks. All these songs can be found in free youtube library under video manager in Create section.