Casting and Machining a Flywheel

How I make cast alloy, lead filled, steel rimed flywheels. Showing how to increase your lathe capacity. Full casting techniques can be seen on my other videos.

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Cutting a 16 tooth timing belt pulley in my home workshop.
Showing how a 16 tooth pulley was cut to fit on the motor shaft of my power hacksaw.

Machining the Model Stickney Engine with Lathe and Mill
How I machined the casting I made. This is a large casting for my machines so some unusual set ups were used. You can see the casting being made in one of my other videos-Metal Casting at Home part 10

Metal Casting at Home Part 65. Casting and Machining a Tee Slot Table.
Continuing my conversion of the Banggood engraving machine. Here I make a tee slotted table cast in zinc/aluminium which will give a hard wearing table. This will replace the extruded table and will be fitted with 12mm rails instead of the 8mm ones. Details of the conversion Link to the engraving machine 500w spindle Bromsgrove greensand and ZL12 ingots from Construction of the furnace starts here

Machining S&W Model 686 cylinder to accept Full Moonclips.