Casting and Machining a Flywheel

How I make cast alloy, lead filled, steel rimed flywheels. Showing how to increase your lathe capacity. Full casting techniques can be seen on my other videos.

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Machining the Model Stickney Engine with Lathe and Mill
How I machined the casting I made. This is a large casting for my machines so some unusual set ups were used. You can see the casting being made in one of my other videos-Metal Casting at Home part 10

Flywheel fitting to model engine, Olds gearless
Fitting a flywheel to a plain shaft often results in a wobbly one once the key is fitted. A taper can be made on the crankshaft to fit a matching taper on the flywheel but in this case although the crankshaft would fit in my lathe there was not enough room left to turn the taper. Using the method shown allows a plain shaft to be used as the taper is a split collet. Also shown in this video is my current project. You may be able to spot some of the castings that were made is some of my earlier videos. Watch in1080p.

Metal Casting at Home Part 7 Oddside Mould Making
Making a greensand mould when there is no flat surface to make the parting line.

Metal Casting at Home part 60 Spoked wheel Castings
Moulding these wheels is a little tricky and care has to be taken to remove the pattern without damaging it. I used some wood screw to reinforce the sand between the spokes. I have shown mould making many times so I have left out the captions on this video but if anything is not clear feel free to ask by making a comment. These castings are for sale.