Model T transmission demo.AVI

demonstration of essential Model T transmission parts

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Nowfer's explanation for Ford T Model gear box.wmv
I am Muhammad Nowfer studying 3rd yr (2011-12) Automobile in MIT, Chennai. I have made a mistake at 3:16. There is two P3s in that page. Its correctly typed in the following slides. Actually this type of gear box is obsolete. But it is to understand the basic idea of automatic transmission

3D Printed Automatic Transmission Model
This is an automatic transmission model I designed and 3D printed (you can download the design here: This type of gearing arrangement is common in automatic transmissions in cars, though the clutches and brakes and hydraulics that control them are far more complex than modeled here. Also missing is the torque converter. These gears are known as herringbone, which are not generally found in real transmissions because they are too difficult to machine. However, they are easy to print, and they have the advantage of being self-centering.

Understanding CVT !
Help us to make future videos for you. Make LE's efforts sustainable. Please support us at ! CVT is used by the latest high performance vehicles due to the smooth driving experience it provides. In this video we will explore the inner workings of Continuously variable transmission including that of a Reverse gear. Like us on FB : Voice-over artist :

Five Reasons the Model T was Revolutionary
Automotive historian Bob Casey shares five key reasons that Henry Ford’s Model T was revolutionary when it was introduced in 1908. This video was created as part of an exhibition installed at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant in September 2017. For more info visit: ____________________ Featuring: Bob Casey Directed by: Donald Harrison Camera: Joey Ostrander Editing & Audio: David Camlin Project Managers: Mary Seelhorst & Jason Jay Stevens Produced by: 7 Cylinders Studio [], in association with Flutter & Wow Museum Projects [] Extra Thanks: Nancy Darga, Norm Boltz, Barry Cogan, Aline Mauch Extra Special Thanks: Steve Shotwell for the 1916 Model T in the driving sequence ____________________ About the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant: In 1997, the city of Detroit changed the zoning around the historic Ford plant. Detroit preservationist Jerald Mitchell suspected that bulldozers might not be far behind, so he got the Henry Ford Heritage Association involved to examine how they might save the building. Three years later, a group of historians, preservationists, and Model T enthusiasts incorporated the Model T Automotive Heritage Complex as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and purchased the building. When we first opened to the public as an historic site we were called the T-plex. Today, we operate as the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. We are dedicated to preserving the building and providing a unique experience of Detroit’s history. The plant now attracts visitors from around the world, bus tours, families, and scores of people attending public and private events from car shows to weddings. We’re managed by a board of trustees and volunteer committees. In 2013, the board hired the site’s first executive director, Nancy Darga, former director of the MotorCities National Heritage Area. The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant was declared a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 2006. It was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 2002 and listed as a Michigan State Historic Site in 2003.