Vacuum Leak Checking With Choke Cleaner (COLD ENGINE)

Vacuum Leak Checking With Choke Cleaner (COLD ENGINE)

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ENGINE VACUUM LEAKS - Easy tips on finding them!!
Also you can have a miss at idle and when u rev the motor it goes away!!!A couple of easy tricks and tips to finding engine vacuum leaks..real easy step by step tutorial in troubleshooting vacuum problems in your car!! DIY how to find and diagnose engine vacuum leaks!! Motor Trend .

How to find vacuum leaks and easily
Amazing what a can of starting fluid can do to help find vacuum leaks For more How to and diy videos subscribe today!

one way to check your car for vacuum leaks
checking a 1986 mazda rx7 n/a for vacuum leaks using a fog machine

Checking for vacuum leaks using home made smoke pump.
Inspired by Scotty Kilmer and refined by me. My 1993 Ford F-150 has some issues like lack of power, poor gas mileage, slight rpm surge at high idle, and 6 of the 8 plugs are showing really lean burn, also ocasional overheating while driving. Any Ideas?