Trailer Trucking Festival 2011

Trailer Trucking Festival 2011

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Mercedes Actros 2012: Acitoinox presenta la nuova linea accessori
Mercedes Actros 2012: Acitoinox presenta la nuova linea accessori in acciaio inox per il favoloso Mercedes Actros 2012!

Volvo FH16 700 Sound Road Cruiser Zweden - Ekdahls Akeri
De Volvo FH16 op het truckstar festival voor de verkiezing special painting!

Guinness World Record : Trucking 79 trailers 1072 tonnes
(Video)most number of trailers 79 pulled by one Semi Tractor Truck (Prime Mover) 1072 tonnesMy Outback trucking website a Link - Checkout our heavy trucking towing company Richmond Towing Adelaide facebook page 115185 Australia has the world longest Semi Tractor Trailer. Australian standard Road Train are the longest trucks in the world. They have 3 or more trailers and are 53 metres long, (174 feet) hauling 115 metric tons (253,531 pounds), a two trailer Road Train is about 35 metres long an haul around 80 metric tonnes. (176,370 pounds) The others are longer and heavier

Trucking in the snow 2010-12-06 Trying to get out of Bellshill
Trucking in the snow 6th December 2010. Coming out of DHL site after being loaded and I'm confronted with a reversing DHL lorry. The road was blocked at the end by cars that had got stuck in the snow so had to reverse about 1/4 mile back to get round so I could get out the other end of the Industrial Estate.