Trailer Trucking Festival 2011

Trailer Trucking Festival 2011

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Scania V8 Film Mix 2012 - Loud Pipes Saves Lives! HD
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Truck and Driver Retro Show 2011
The video of the 2011 Truck and Driver Retro Show

71 Sébastien Gagnon COGA vs 13 Vincent Couture
Un court extrait des Accélérations de camions de St-Joseph-de-Beauce édition 2010. A short videoclip of "Accélérations de camions de St-Joseph-de-Beauce 2010".

READ THIS DESCRIPTION!!! CLICK THE ARROW!!! WATCH IN HQ!!!! This video was taken on the eastbound lanes of highway 16 between the cities of Spruce Grove, Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta. The date was January 28, 2011 at approximately 15:30 hrs. The truck was unit# 72014 of Withers Trucking Inc. Withers Trucking Inc is a subsidiary of the Mullen Group. Withers Trucking is an oilfield trucking company hauling and working in the oilfields of western Canada and the territories. This driver had been acting in a very aggressive and hostile fashion. I noticed him in my rear-view mirror when he was about 3 or 4 kilometers behind me. He would tailgate cars and pick-up trucks until they moved out of the way. He finally pulled up behind me and sat so close to the rear of my car that I couldn't see the Kenworth emblem on the hood of the truck, this would put him about 10 feet behind my car.....ALL AT A SPEED OF ABOUT 66 MILES PER HOUR!!!!! In fact even as he pushed and pushed and I sped up to about 115 kph he still remained behind me, pushing and pushing and getting closer. Finally I pulled out my video camera and started shooting out my back window. This enraged the truck driver but he backed off a few feet. I finally pulled over and he drove by me giving me the finger. He then attempted to slalom through traffic going from slow lane to passing lane. I ended up in the passing lane again and as I passed him he was giving me the finger again and was pointing to the side of the road indicating he wanted a confrontation. He swerved violently over to the shoulder and rode the shoulder at about 100 kph spraying other cars with gravel and dust. I refused to pull over and then he swerved back out on to the highway. He then followed me all the way to 156th Street in Edmonton and at a stop sign and a traffic light made attempts to leave his vehicle. At my first opportunity, I spoke to the management of Withers Trucking, Vaughan Thompson, Keith Withers and the safety manager, Dan Mclellan. Their response was stunning. They tried to turn the tables on this incident. After contacting the office in Edmonton I returned to messages at my home asking me to call them when I got in. Although the hour was late I thought that considering the dangerous and aggressive behaviour of the driver they would welcome a return call. I was very wrong. Vaughan Thompson was rude and dismissive telling me he wouldn't deal with the matter and that I should call his safety manager. Later, Vaughan Thompson, manager of the Withers Trucking office in Edmonton Alberta, in calling the next day later called my video of the driver "an invasion of privacy" and that it was "slander" and threatened to call the RCMP, aside from being a reflection of Thompson's complete lack of understanding of relevant law and the Canadian criminal code, this was simply nothing more than open intimidation. The safety manager for Withers Trucking, Dan Mclellan, was so intoxicated when I called him on the evening of this incident, apparently attending a birthday party, in spite of his invitation to call him when I got his message, he couldn't speak. When I called back his cell phone was turned off. Keith Withers, the former owner of Withers Trucking and now its general manager, told me that my actions were just as bad as the life threatening actions of his driver being as I had returned telephone calls to managers at 11 o'clock at night in spite of their invitations, Withers referred to it as "unprofessional". I was stunned and couldn't explain the bizarre logic used by a general manager who equates a late telephone call with threatening the lives of motorists with a tractor-trailer as a weapon!!!! (NOTE: telephone conversations were recorded). This was, once again, just an attempt to intimidate me and turn the tables, deflecting attention away from the dangerous and life threatening actions of their own employee. It was bloody ridiculous. To say this matter is outrageous is an understatement. Imagine how you would feel if this truck driver was sitting behind your wife, children, parents, grandparent or friends threatening their lives. Imagine how you would feel if this driver caused an accident that took the life or lives of any one of your family or friends. This matter is made even worse when you consider the unbelievable and reprehensible attitude of senior Withers Trucking managers who attack the person who brought a legitimate complaint to their attention. Men whose responsibility it is to ensure the safe operation of a trucking company but seem more interested in enjoying their Friday nights entertainment. If you have any comments about the outrageous behavior of either the driver or the management of Withers Trucking please don't hesitate to contact them or the parent company, The Mullen Group (PLEASE FORWARD!!!!!) You can contact Withers Trucking at: