1:5 Touring Car Championships : Final & Wrap up

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JWM 2013. The second championship title!
New project - MiG-29! - https://youtu.be/Nj8eJcnN27U The intensity of the struggle, the joy of victory, all this can be seen in this 16-minute film.

CochesRc gran escala_by_CochesRc_com.avi
Video de carrera de turismos y F1 gran escala. Mas info: http://www.cochesrc.com/1-5-touring-y-f1-c77.html

RC-Bike Worlds Nitro-Finale 2011 Lostallo
The Rostrum, Start and several Laps of the Nitro Finals at the RC-Bike Worlds in Lostallo Switzerland.

2017 EFRA Large Scale Touring Car Euros - The Final in HD
From Lostallo in Switzerland the main final form the 2017 Championships