Ivy Bluff Mud Bog 6-11-2011 http://www.ivybluffmudbog.com/

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snapper and frank
franks test and tune, my step dad and i made this rat rod cause we got bored, it has since been sold to mad max

Mud Life TV Vermonster & Bodatious: Tour Of Mayhem
Ricky B & Anthony Perera Bringin you Mud Life TV at Vermonster, a Throttle King Qualifier, and making a stop at Bodatious in VA

S-10 Tubed chassis Mud Dragster CASPER
Filmed at www.muddrags.com 9-25-2011 Filmed with a Canon sx 30is Diff one uniq and custom ride, and you gotta love the the nick name Casper.

MT. Eden Mud Bog 7-2-11 44 N Under RD1
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