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Please LIKE my Facebook, if my videos are useful to you: Question: Can you put a Fastback roof on a hardtop Coupe? Mustang Restorations Inc. the countrys oldest and largest restorer of the Classic Ford, answers the question everyone has been asking. Meet pitchman Doctor Chris. For more go to

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Mustangs To Fear - Coupe To Fastback Conversion How-To
Mustangs To Fear Presents How To Do a Coupe to Fastback Conversion Part 1.

1966 Coupe to fastback conversion - welding on the new roof!
How to convert a Mustang coupe into a fastback. In this video Greg Hillyer goes over the welding and prep prior to welding on the fastback donor roof

1968 Mustang Fastback going on the rotisserie
This video is of my 1968 Mustang fastback going on the rotisserie. The body was stripped to the bare shell. With 7 friends helping, it was an easy lift. The rotisserie was manufactured by a company called Fab-Tech in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was purchased new by a Shelby Mustang restorer in Dayton, Ohio 25 years ago. He retired and closed his shop. I was fortunate to pick it up on eBay for $300! I'll be using square tubing to join both ends of the rotisserie together so that it's easier to move the car and will take the stress off the body when moving it. You can see more on my blog at

Coupe to Fastback part 2
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