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Ferrari 458 Italia short film

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Facebook.com/JTPhotos / Instagram @speedracer38 This is my 100th video!! Thank you for your support by checking out my videos and making this so enjoyable and fun. Hopefully I'll be at video 200 and so on in no time. In this video I went out with a Ferrari 458 Italia to film it driving around Miami, Florida at sunset. The car has a crazy Exhaust note and you can really hear it hitting 9,000 RPM on the flybys! The car I'm in is a Range Rover with the rear open. Enjoy!! :) Btw Merry Christmas!


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Putting 2 Lamborghinis on NYC rooftop
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Facebook.com/JTPhotos / Instagram @speedracer38 When the Super Bowl was in New York City this year Lamborghini (literally) went above and beyond to treat their VIP guests at a charity event. They brought 2 incredible cars to the city on a very cold winter night and hired a crane to put both the cars on the roof of a 12 story building! Their guests must have been quite surprised arriving to their lounge and seeing Lamborghinis on the roof.

Ferrari 458 Italia in NYC
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Facebook.com/JTPhotos / Instagram @speedracer38 Here is a video I filmed from earlier in the summer of this insane new Ferrari 458 Italia. The car is unlike anything else I have been in before. Just listen to that Exhaust open and the instant shifting!! It was very cool taking the car through NYC and listening to the sound bounce off the walls of the buildings as we passed by. Enjoy! :)

Ferrari 458 Italia insane revving + acceleration
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Facebook.com/JTPhotos / Instagram @speedracer38 Today I met up with the owner of this gorgeous Ferrari 458 Italia to do a photo shoot of the car. After letting the car get up to temperature for awhile he gave it some healthy revs and while on our way to a photo location I got to experience the brutal acceleration and shifting in race mode! Enjoy! :)

Supercar collection worth over 2.5 million
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Facebook.com/JTPhotos / Instagram @speedracer38 Gallery of pictures from this collection - http://jtphotos.net/general/supercar-collection This is an amazing collection of modern exotic cars that add up to the same price of 1 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which is mind boggling. If you could choose between 1 car or a collection like this what would you pick?

Ferrari LaFerrari & 458 Speciale LOUD accelerations
------------------------------[ INFOS HERE ]---------------------------- Full HD video. Please like, share and subscribe for more videos ! ENJOY ! :) Location : Date : ___ Tanks for watching :) ___ LINKS : Supercarsminiature : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxhJVtxEoyQT2kJ-2o1oLgQ/videos?view=0 Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/86016206@N07/ Autogespot : http://www.autogespot.fr/spots?spotter=Supercarsriviera ___ Supercarsriviera 2014.

AMAZING Ferrari 458 Italia - Los Angeles - HD Quality
Ferrari 458 Italia - Los Angeles California So orgasmic.....so amazinggggggggg Sorry for the camera shakes......

White Ferrari 458 Italia 1

Ferrari Enzo brutal acceleration
Decat Enzo on the motorway... PART 2 HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dPcZHYsCa0 Yet to join? http://www.supercardriver.com/join-now Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supercarDRIVER Twitter: https://twitter.com/aSUPERCARDRIVER Website: http://www.supercardriver.com/

Ferrari 458 Italia & Porsche 991 Carrera S In Action!! - 1080p HD
FB: http://www.facebook.com/Jorrie2YT & http://www.facebook.com/jorrik.aben For my 600th video I have filmed a red Ferrari 458 Italia and a white Porsche 991 Carrera S. We started playing with the 458; doing some accelerations, flyby's, making some shots with the GoPro camera, which was so much fun that I forget that a brand new 991 Carrera S should join us. After an hour or so, the 991 arrived and we started making some more shots of both cars and we ended with some little races! I hope you like my 600th video, please leave a comment and give a thumbs up! I want to thank all my viewers for their support and comments the last 600 videos! Thanks to you I can keep doing this and let you see what I see! Thanks again and up to my next goal: 1000 videos and 100.000 subscribers! Maybe a bit too optimistic, but let's see what we can do! - Jorrik VIDEO 700! - http://youtu.be/udfqMvpXPVs

Ferrari 458 & Lamborghini Aventador RACING (Revs, Accelerations)
A Ferrari 458 Italia and a Lamborghini Aventador head to some deserted streets in Saudi Arabia to play. Video includes revs, accelerations & rolling shots. Join my facebook page for exclusive photos & news! https://www.facebook.com/DlightSwitchSupercars

My Ferrari 458 Italia test drive in Maranello
Short 7 min clip of my one hour long Ferrari 458 Italia drive, through Maranello and Modena. Drove the California before the Italia as well, quite a bit of difference between the two cars.

Ferrari 458 Italia arrives home to Miami!
Join CarChatWithAutoSuperShield.com, Pepi Feliu and Alex with his new Ferrari 458 Italia! The Ferrari 458 was just delivered and before driving it, Alex called Auto SuperShield to install 3M Paint Protection film to protect the paint from chipping. This is the fourth car that Auto SuperShield has done for Alex. This Ferrari is special because it was delivered to Alex's home in Miami on the same day that he and his family was in Italy touring the Ferrari Factory. Another fun fact is that at just 30 hours old, Pepi has put more miles driving the Ferrari than Alex has. Now that his sweet ride is protected from chips, he is looking forward to driving it! Visit us at: http://www.autosupershield.com/3m-protection.php Follow us on our Blog: http://www.CarChatWithAutoSuperShield.com

Ferrari 458 Italia and models
Ferrari 458 Italia and models. Photo gallery http://www.speedandmotion.com/pictures/photoshoot050711/index.html

Ferrari 458 Italia LOUD Acceleration, Downshift And Fly-by
I have spotted this great looking and sounding Ferrari 458 Italia at the Nordschleife when ther whas Scuderia Hanseat 2009. This Ferrari 458 Italia is leaving some very nice Exhaust notes and you will see a fast loud fly-by's a wheelspin and more! I hope you like this beautiful car so please leave your comment! For more go to my channel and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/user/tomedelic1 Tomedelic1 For Full 1080p HD Video's

Ferrari 458 Italia Wind Tunnel Testing with Oakley Design
Performance Direct Motoring News was invited along to the MIRA Wind Tunnel to test the latest Ferrari 458 Italia Carbon Edition modified by Oakley Design. The many carbon fibre parts are developed and tested using a range of track data and wind tunnel testing. The standard Ferrari 458 Italia runs with 570BHP, 372kgs of downforce (at 180mph) with 877kgs on the front axle and 930kgs on the rear. The much improved modified Oakley Designed Ferrari 458 Italia Carbon Edition runs with 644BHP, 420kgs of downforce (at 180mph) with front axle and rear axle at 902kgs & 953 Kgs respectively. The modified Ferrari with it's vastly increased power, from 570bhp to 644bhp, improved aerodynamics and lower kerb weight is now capable of 0-60 in an incredible 3 seconds, not relenting until it reaches a top speed of 344 kph / 214mph. These modifications take an already very fast car and make it a very special proposition. As Forza Magazine stated: 'Oakley Design take this well-bred racehorse and effectively put it through finishing school' Get a quote now by calling 0844 5733528 or visiting http://www.performancedirect.co.uk

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