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Z3 M Coupe V10 S85B50
This remarkable car is a rebuilt Z3 M Coupe, which was crashed then bought and rebuilt by Danislav Shishev. While rebuilding it, he replaced the heart with a S85B50, 5L V10 from M5 E60/1 and M6 E63/4. Its incredible fast and insane, but fits like a glove.

1100hp Twin Turbo BMW Z3M is ROLLING
This Z3 M-Coupe built by ICS Performance makes 1000+hp and can't be touched from a roll! Wait until the Boost gets turned up some more at the next event.

Black BMW Z4 GT3 - Sound of Thunder ! INSANE downshifts
In this video you can see a full black BMW Z4 GT3 testing for the new season. You can hear insane downshifts and bangs. Social Media links: Facebook: Twitter: INSTA: Google +: Thank you for watching and make sure to subscribe for more automotive content in FULL HD !!

🔥 NEW BMW Z3 Coupe Concept
2018 BMW Z3 M Coupe Concept. Next Gen Concept of BMW Z3 M Coupe. Author: Esa Mustonen,