1953 Plymouth Suburban 2 door stationwagon

Two door wagons were popular in the early 50's. Plymouth introduced a nice all steel wagon in 49, but kept a wood panel wagon as an option through 1951. These were very practical wagons with a folding rear seat and clamshell hatches in the back. This video is particularly interesting in detailing the sourcing of parts for a car like this. As the owner says, exterior sheet metal is still available..and the mechanical parts are readily available.

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1950 Plymouth Suburban start-up and drive
1950 Plymouth Suburban being started up by my homie's brother and being driven to test out the new coil-overs.

1952 Plymouth touted 46 improvements although those improvements were mostly hidden. But the super idea that came to being is building a station wagon that had no wood at all in it's structure. The Plymouth wagon was now all steel construction. There are three Plymouth models this year. At the bottom was the last year Concord, then Cambridge, and at the top the Cranbrook. The Suburban wagon was placed within the Concord model. Body styles are a business coupe, a 2 door sedan, the Savoy 2 door wagon, Suburban wagon , 4 door sedans, club coupe, convertible coupe, and the beautiful Belevedere hardtop coupe. The Suburban wagon cost $2,160 new, weighed 3,145 lbs., and had a production around 37,000. The only engine designated for the Plymouth is an L-head, 217 cid with 97 bhp. This is an engine that Plymouth utilized for a few years until 1954. I find this steel wagon in excellent condition due to a cosmetic redo. Check out that handsome dash and the painted steering wheel and brake release. Many thanks for viewing this 1952 Plymouth Suburban wagon.

1954 plymouth belvedere beautiful original car . lets drive ! with Randy

Rutledge Wood's 1953 Plymouth Suburban - Finished
Listen as Rutledge describes the updates he made to this 1953 Plymouth Suburban. You can even hear the engine on this retro family cruiser. For more information on Rutledge's 53 Suburban, click here: http://www.onallcylinders.com/?s=1953+plymouth+suburban