1967 Plymouth Valiant Commercial

Plymouth commercial

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1968 Plymouth Valiant Features Traing Film

1969 Plymouth Valiant Features

1967 Valiant Signet for sale from CA at Kanata Cruise
High line Signet, 3 speed wipers, (one) wheel opening moulding, gorgeous seats and decent headliner. Zero rust, a true California survivor for sale for the reasonable (for once) price of $1,200. Looks to be original paint though it's pretty much beat. Fun ecoco driver!

1961 Plymouth Valiant Commercial - Bennington VT - Covered Bridge
The 1960 Plymouth, another in a series of commercials featuring Valiants in various locations around the USA. Pete Hansen is doing the Voice Over (Mr. Plymouth), he was the Spokes person for Plymouth in many of their commercials. He was nominated for an day time Emmy for his acting on the TV show General Hospital