1970 ford maverick

1970 FORD MAVERICK WITH A 521 CUBIC INCH FORD BIG BLOCK. 1/8 mile. 6.13 at 111 mph. no bull shyt, all motor.!

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1970 Ford Maverick Redux (in car Audio)
Version 2, Now with in car audio! A shake down run of the little red Maverick with the Colonel riding shotgun. Listen to the Colonel scream like a bitch!

1970 Ford Maverick Smoking Tires
Smoking the tires on my 1970 Ford Maverick!

1970 Ford Maverick 347c.i.d. EFI
Rick Book April 15, 2007 New Cam Installed

1970 Ford Maverick
Just a quick little video of my father in law taking his daughters boyfriend out for his first Maverick ride. Hoping to get some better footage up before the summer is up.