1970 ford maverick

1970 FORD MAVERICK WITH A 521 CUBIC INCH FORD BIG BLOCK. 1/8 mile. 6.13 at 111 mph. no bull shyt, all motor.!

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Ford Maverick Donuts on Mare Island
Rutis doing some donuts in his 1971 Ford Maverick on Mare Island.

1970 Ford Maverick
Just a quick little video of my father in law taking his daughters boyfriend out for his first Maverick ride. Hoping to get some better footage up before the summer is up.

Turbo Maverick Sleeper Does Killer Donuts on the Street
Josh's turbo big block Ford Maverick knocks out a couple of quick smokey donuts on the street. This car is built on a budget, and has a 460ci big block Ford with stock block and ported stock heads. turbo is a Borg Warner S475 with the Boost and timing turned WAY down for driving on the stock-size street tires. It's still pretty sketchy and does great rolling burnouts at pretty much any speed. With a little more aggre

1970 Ford Maverick 351w
Just giving the old 351w a rip before it gets a new intake and carb :)