1970 ford maverick

1970 FORD MAVERICK WITH A 521 CUBIC INCH FORD BIG BLOCK. 1/8 mile. 6.13 at 111 mph. no bull shyt, all motor.!

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CHI Heads Ford Maverick
Craigs Hejda's 72 ford maverick

1970 Ford Maverick
Just a quick little video of my father in law taking his daughters boyfriend out for his first Maverick ride. Hoping to get some better footage up before the summer is up.

Eric's 4-speed Maverick@Tulsa_1
Eric's 4-speed Maverick @ Tulsa_1

Ford 521 Built By Proformance Unlimited...shooting flames
http://www.customcrateengines.com/ Live run of a Ford 521 built by Proformance Unlimited....flame shooter You can also view this engine package at the following link: http://www.proformanceunlimited.com/specs/460_514_stroker.html