Holset Hx40 654hp 618tq@40 psi

Just getting ready for the track not bad for a 60mm turbo.

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Low Budget Racing - 360 Holset HX40 first Startup
Starting up the monster for the first time ;) http://www.facebook.com/LBRSweden http://www.facebbok.com/KAAFOTO http://www.ka-foto.se

Eclipse GSX 4g63 HX40 Dyno
99 Eclipse GSX @ 33psi MAHA LPS3000 Chassis Dyno (Mustang Dyno) 491hp (373whp) @ 6,920 RPM 407lb/ft @ 4,825

HX40 on low boost(10psi)
HX40 Pro (18cm^2 turbine housing), it has alot of lag vs. the 12cm hx35 I had before. Video was recorded in Mexico

Fastest HX40 powered Evo! Dyno & Racing
This Evo runs a Holset HX40 turbo and has begun the holder of the quickest and fastest times for an Evo running the holset turbo. Check it out as it hits the Dyno & competes in the Haltech Street Quick 32 class.