terrifying truck crash raw vid

truck crash that was aired on todaytonight in jan2012 Feel free to comment, discuss,like,dislike...even share...but please do not edit this video if u do play it for someone play it as it is and as it was intended to be viewed...thank you

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Truck Driver and Caravan Driver have issues DASH CAM #2 AUSTRALIA
Listen to the audio. you should watch both videos. have other dash cam videos? share with us! *video is not ours originally shared/posted to a facebook group "Dangerous Drivers Caught on Dash Camera" by the truck driver. Later they removed it.

Why Do Aussie Trucks Have Bullbars?
Why do Aussie trucks have bullbars? This should give you some idea. Best to watch in fullscreen HD. The first clips were with a pretty ordinary dashcam, the last one with all the cattle wandering around was with my GoPro Hero 3+ (great camera) on narrowest field of view, and the one with the friendly cockatoo at home was with my JVC Everio GR D750.

charging into the river with a spectacular splash !

Truckies now have an electronic eye on the road.
http://www.littleripparoadcam.com - Whenever there is a major road accident in Australia, truckies get the blame. Now with the benefit of the Little Rippa Road Cam fitted inside their driving cabins, you can see first hand, who caused the accident. All Australian trucks should be fitted with this electronic devise.