Autobahn-Test BMW 118i (170 hp) F20 Sport Line - Full HD (1080p)

Acceleration and sound footage made on the German Autobahn. The new 2012 1-series (1er) features a very smooth ride but the 1.6 turbo is pretty unemotional.

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2014 BMW 118i F20 Top Speed on German Autobahn
2014 BMW 118i (F20) 125 KW / 170 HP 8 gears transmission M sport package at the video against Mazda 3 MPS, the Acceleration 100-200 kmh are almost same fast like 260 HP Mazdaspeed 3 (Mazda 3 MPS) but it has only 170 HP with 8 speed transmission with double clutch. Really Fast car with low HP,

2014 BMW 118i (F20) 170 HP M Paket Test Drive
2014 BMW 118i F20 125 KW / 170 HP M Paket 8speed transmission Test Drive Video

BMW 118i F20 mit Vierzylinder-Turbo N13B16, Tachovideo
Erster Eindruck vom neuen BMW 118i F20 mit 170 PS starkem Vierzylinder mit TwinScroll-turbolader (intern N13B16). Mehr Bilder & Infos unter

2014 BMW 118i F20 acceleration 0-200 km/h with 8-speed Transmission
2014 BMW 118i (F20) 125 KW / 170 HP 8 speed transmission M sport package