90 talon awd vs. Civic hatch turbo

1990 eagle talon tsi evo 3 16g on 17psi but Boost leak fell of to about 12. front mount 2g maf no tune. Not sure on the civic I think d16 with 50 trim tuned on 8psi And yes I know both cars run on rice. Blow me.

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Stock Block!!!!AWD Talon
Stock 4g63 2g pistons with shitty bc272 running e85 with 20g at 28psi makin 440whp on Mustang Dyno....

I-Streetrace - Bum Squad Eagle Talon TSI VS Tubaso Racing Turbo Civic EG!!
Here is a recent race between Bum Squad Racing's Eagle Talon TSI vs the turbo Civic from Tubaso Racing... Checkout I-Streetrace at : https://www.facebook.com/istreetrace Checkout I-Streetrace on Instagram: @istreetracedotcom

9 Sec SOHC Civic
Sean Devine of Maxwell Auto. SOHC D16 turbo EG Honda Civic. http://www.YouTube.com/GuelphRacing http://www.Facebook.com/GuelphRacing http://www.GuelphRacing.com http://www.CSCS.ca

HRMB 2k13 - Peugeot 106 x Civic D16 Turbo - Civic D16 nitro - Civic SI stage 4 - DS3
Algumas puxadas onboard no Peugeot 106 1.6 16v ( 150 whp) 1ª- Civic coupe D16 turbo 1.5 kg 2ª- Civic D16 + 100cv de nitro 3ª- Civic SI k20 stage 4 4ª- Citroen DS3 - Largada sem pinherinho e com o DS3 saindo mal.