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Baseball Fight Compilation
I went to a fight and a baseball game broke out.

The Top 7 Sports Brawls of All Time
From the epic clash between Canada and Russia at the 1987 World Junior Hockey Championships where officials tried unsuccessfully to quell the fighting by turning off the arena lights to the infamous brawl between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons that saw Ron Artest rushing into the stands to attack a fan, this video compiles the 7 best sports brawls of all time. Other clips include a college football rivalry in Florida, Diego Maradona using his famous legs for something other than scoring goals, a massive Yankees/Orioles clash, an international basketball fight between China and Brazil and the 1995 State of Origin rugby war.

Top 10 Angry Moments in sports
top 10 from TSN

Fan makes a basketball dunk while he's on the phone
While on the phone he runs, does a frontflip and dunks it. Skip to around 1:37 to see the dunk