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2nd song is right here and if you hate the first song so much play this while its on Best Sports Fights Football Baseball Basketball Hockey, All videos and no slideshows I do not own any of the music playing in the video and not trying copyright it

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Bully Gets His Ass Kicked Then He Cries
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Top 10 Sports Fights Ever • Football • Ice Hockey • Baseball • Basketball
Multiple freaking sick sports fights put together and long boring scenes all edited out.So its all fast and the adrenaline doesnt stop! best fights in history of sport Best Baseball Brawls best sports fights of all time hd FOOTBALL FIGHTS 2012 EDITION HD | SPORTS FIGHTS Best sports fights of all time SUBSCIBE and LIKE

Best hockey fight EVER
Two six-year-old Mites have some fun at practice at Glacier Ice and Snow Arena. "One warrior is unceremoniously dumped to the ice by an alleged ally. He slashes his assailant on the ankle, rises, turns, and lets loose an animalistic swat with his arm. They glare at each other as billowing rage blankets the rink. Suddenly, the aggrieved player sheds his mitts, drops his stick and prepares to seek his vengeance ... ... Until his mommy tells him to stop, that is." (PuckDaddy Yahoo! Sports Blog)

Torcida - Briga no Maracanã, dia 22/11/09, partida contra o Goiás
Segunda-feira, 23/11/2009 " A confusão aconteceu do lado e fora do estádio logo depois da chegada de integrantes de uma torcida organizada. Um torcedor levou um chute no rosto e desmaiou. Ele foi levado para o hospital. "