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Amazing car driver avoids collision with oncoming lorry

Amazing driver skills!!


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Crazy Truck Driver Grand Canyon

Aaltonen Scania V8 Special Transport @ Nordic Trophy pt1
nordic trophy

Eric daguet

Truck Wars
Royal mail goes that little bit further to deliver your mail

Skilled truck driver - driving on the edge!
Scania Driver Competitions celebrates skilled truck drivers who drive carefully in tough situations. Sign up here! http://www.scania.com/drivercompetitions or share your everyday challenges at http://www.scania.com/skills Drivers such as Peruvian Henrry Tank Piedra, who travels steep, narrow mountain roads in the Andes. Tight corners, dense fog and vehicles approaching him at high speeds are but a few of his daily challenges.

trelo ksevouliagma apo Mercedes 8x8 orixia Kozanh trelaaaaaaaaa

Ken Block shows his AMAZING driving skills - AWESOME VIDEO

Amazing Car Driving
Amazing car drive AD...Very cool.

VOLVO Truck - Professional Truck Driver
In Mississauga around Britannia and Dixie Rd. If you enjoy this video feel free to browse thru the 92 videos (with a total of 1,038 min) that form this very playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDD3412CF7EC49E2B And for Ontario, Canada truck drivers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_xi06K5_Qs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIbVjQKJxw8 Please watch the videos and also read my own take on this very hot issue: damn liberal "green" ideology vs. PRIVATE enterprises (companies or owner-operators). TYVM for watching my videos and stay and drive safely out there.

the best truck driver in the world.wmv
http://www.superyachtfan.com The best truck driver in the world. Performing an incredible maneuver!

Stupid car tries to run into my truck
Stupid car driver loses control in the ice and snow and slides right in front of my tractor trailer while my student is driving.. US-93 or US-95 in Arizona, I forget which it was

Crazy Truck Driver
Why would any truck driver drive his truck without a hood, aint that some crazy shitt!!! Check out my Mustang videos & SUBSCRIBE!!!

Lotus Elise Cup Amazing Driver
amazing driver

Say Hello to the Tow Plow: A New Weapon Against Snow Covered Hwys
http://www.tranbc.ca Say hello to the latest weapon against snow covered highways in B.C., the Tow Plow, a new technology used to maintain our roads. This unit is actually two plows in one; it allows one truck and operator to do the equivalent of two passes, which translates into cleared roads, faster! While the tow plow may look very wide and difficult to handle, it is more responsive than the traditional wing plows; the operator can quickly manoeuvre around obstacles on the road like signs or parked cars. This is fairly new technology, and you can expect to see them on selected B.C. highways this winter. TranBC allocates approximately $356 million each year for highway maintenance with maintenance resources across British Columbia and in every corner. They are busy each and every day maintaining 42,000 km of road and 2,700 structures. For more information on our Highway Maintenance Program go to http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/BCHighways/contracts/maintenance/hwy_maintenance_co ntracts.htm

Very lucky driver
Lucky driver near to Bristol

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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