2009 Historic Noosa Hill Climb

Just a few shots of all sorts of vehicles doing the noosa hill climb, had a great time. The things at the end were called rage buggys, they have motorcycle engines in them, they are awesome! There were a lot of different vehicle classes in this event so there were a lot of different types of cars.

More Videos...

Noosa Hill Climb China Bomb Crash
big crash during a china bomb at the noosa hillclimb. Filmed by Felix McCabe with a gopro HDhero2

2016 08 06 Noosa Hillclimb Saturday
Scott Doyle's Mk1 Escort 1600 at a rather damp Noosa Hillclimb. Saturday's sighting run and 4 timed runs.

Blue XA GT crashes in 1st run of Noosa Hillclimb at Suncoast Rally '07 & only loses 2 secs off best time. + skid pan footage.

Devil's Staircase Hillclimb Crashes!
10/10/10 Devils Staircase Hillclimb in Oregonia, Ohio. What a great time...Beer by the gallon!