How to Replace the Ignition Cylinder in a 1999-2007 Ford Focus

In this video, I demonstrate how to replace the ignition cylinder in a 1999-2007 ford focus, the lock tumblers tend to wear out and cause the cylinder to become locked in the lock position. It is a simple job, just follow the steps, take your time, and you'll get through it, no problem. Now you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter I am not responsible for any mishaps that occur from following these procedures.

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Ignition Cylinder Drilling/Replacement 2003 Ford Focus
Ignition would not move/stuck in off position. Removed the locking-pin by drilling a hole in the ignition cylinder to be able to turn the key. Changed the cylinder and was able to keep the same key w/o having to have it reprogrammed.

Ford Quick Tips: #25 Ford Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal
These are the only lock cylinders that work every time-(check fitment guide) creative=390957&creativeASIN=B000IYIUI2&linkCode=as2&tag=fordt-20&linkId=NZ U3NLD5HOX4RELE In this video I go over how to remove a Ford Ignition lock cylinder on different models. Check me out on Facebook-

Drilling Out Focus Ignition Lock
** the instructions I read said to measure 3mm down from the key slot and mark the spot. Use a 4mm drill bit to make a small pilot hole, then use a 10mm drill to drill a 35mm deep hole. I can't tell if they want you to drill out all of the "tumbler" things. If you follow those instructions, however, you WILL definitely drill all of them out. If you are able to drill a smaller hole and avoid all of the tumbler things, you will be able to put your key in. But I don't know if it will allow your key to turn.** I ended up using a 11/32 in (~9mm) drill bit and tore all of my tumblers apart. All of the metal shavings left inside the lock made it really hard to put my key in. However, I think that if you can get all of the tumblers and the other little 1/8x1/8x5/8 piece out of the bottom, then you probably won't need the key.

if your Car/Truck Key won't turn, here is a Quick fix -UNCUT
some ppl have asked to send me a donation for helping them out, thanks all that have donated, anything is appreciated: UMV8SE4 If your key won't turn or is stuck, no matter how much you wiggle it, turn the steering wheel, or press the brake, then you might want to try this. But use as a last resort, at your own risk. This is pretty common in Jeeps, at first my key wont turn in the ignition, but if I wiggling it a little it will eventually work. I have been doing this for over a year now. Until today, no matter how much I wiggle the key, turn the steering wheel, press the brake, it will not turn. I'm totally locked. So I did some research and found out that it is the lock cylinder that has gone bad and I need to have a local locksmith replace it at a cost of about $120 in parts and $50 in labor. Another option is to tow it to a Jeep dealer and pay over $900 for a entire steering column. OR You can just take a hammer or rubber mallet and hit the end of the key, this will bent the copper latch piece allowing you to start your jeep.