stop motion race

A stop motion race around the school for an IPT assignment.

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The Fast and The Furious - Street Racing (stop motion)
Sorry, ORIGINAL sound had to be replaced. So there's no VROOM VROOM's and Nitrous blast sounds ..... :( lol. A thrilling stop-motion video of some fast-paced street racing action. Complete with engine sounds, smooth drifting scenes, and lots of Nitrous power!

Stop motion racing
Had a friend over and decided to put together this video - hope you enjoy it!

Stop Motion Chair Race
A Stop Motion video made my senior year at New Trier High School, done entirely with images taken with a digital camera then Photoshoped. No film footage was used, only still pics.

Stop Motion Race
A stop motion race we made. Not great, but we're getting better. Credits: Racers --------Austin --------Shaun --------Alex Cameraman --------Aaron Editting --------Aaron Doing nothing -------Tore Music -------Rocky Theme