Electric Car Drag Race

A Porsche 914 converted to electric power turns a 13.8 in the quarter while leaving the Electric Z-car behind. Sorry about the lack of sound, it seems it got lost in the conversion.

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Walk Around ZelectricBug Electric 1966 VW Beetle Rebuild
++ For a complete list of features click "SHOW MORE" below ++ - Maintenance-free 100% electric 3-phase 65KW AC motor - 80 mile range - Double+ the original horsepower - No metal is cut - nothing welded on - 120 foot-pounds of instant torque - top speed 100+ MPH (so far) - 20 kWh battery pack (37 160Ah cells) - Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries - Battery life: 160,000+ miles - 10–15+ years - Many American-made electrical components - Fast! Weighs 1000 lbs lighter than Nissan Leaf - 6061 Aluminium Battery Boxes - Heavy Duty Clutch & Lightened Flywheel - J1772 Charge Port - Charge it anywhere - No oil. No gas. Zero emissions. - No valves to adjust - Huge VW parts network worldwide - VW mechanics everywhere - White wall radial tires - Front Disc Brakes - Sound Deadening throughout - Stock (rebuilt) 4-speed transmission - Heavy duty shocks - Digital eFuel Gauge - LED Head/Tail lights + 3rd brake light - Spare tire with Jack Motor differences - made in America - uses American made energy - way more effective use of energy - 85% of new power plants are using green energy - no maintenance - no valves to adjust - no carburetors to adjust - no fuel, oil, air filters to replace - no belts or mufflers to replace - no spark plugs/wire - no oil - no gas - can be solar powered Driving differences - shifting — less - braking — less - HP — double - torque — instant - motor maintenance — none - no warm up - this is a city car — 80mi range Fueling - plugin at night - ready in the morning - charge anywhere 110/220v household outlet or 220v public charger - charging time from 50% on 220v 3-4 hrs, 110v 7–8 hrs - charging time from 0% on 220v 7-8 hrs, 110v 14–15 hrs Included additional items – The Zelectric build - disc brakes - sway bars - radial tires - rebuilt transmission - LED headlamps - LED lights - bright and safe - 3rd brake lamp bright and safe - Seat belts (a dealer upgrade in the sixties) - HD clutch and related parts - HD shocks What's important in a classic car that we keep stock - nothing cut - unmolested dash - period correct interior - can be converted back to gas - white wall tires - spare tire - manual transmission - car is going up in value Everything works and is in great shape We test the car 500+ miles before releasing it Everything is tested - what needs replacing we replace Cool items in this car - Single NOS VW logo key for locks - Radio delete - unmolested dash - vinyl steering wheels cover - 3x chrome German bumpers - rebuilt speedometer - New WW running boards - New 2-tone powder-caot smoothy rims - 1300 badge 66 only - White wall radials new - 66 hazard lights - 66 wing window latches - Clean tight headiner - Red coco mats - New front beam - No paint scuffs on door jams - Painted well w everything removed - Color sanded / smooth - Black CA plate - Detachable antenna - Porsche style headlight glass - La Jolla Concours 2014 Best in Class - Steve McQueen 2014 Chairmans Award - Steve McQueen 2014 Best VW Award - San Diego Car Show on the Bay 2014 Import Award 2nd Place - Pacific Grove Little Car Show 2014 Big Green Zucchini Award - This car has been featured in: Wall Street Journal magazine, Penthouse and Germany's VW Scene Options (not included) - electric ceramic heater - Black powder coated roof rack - stereo options - tire/wheel options

TESLA P85 Gets ZAPPED by Electric MIATA !! - 1/4 mile Drag Race Video - Road Test TV
http://www.RoadTestTV.com An 85 kw Tesla Model S Performance Package takes on Mazda Miata with an Electric Motor Conversion in a 1/4 mile drag race. The Miata is powered by a 333-volt lithium-ion battery pack controllers that drive a pair forklift motors at the wheels. The Miata runs an incredible 9.27 @ 142 mph to the Tesla's very respectable 12.72 @ 102 mph. Road Test TV - We Live Hi Performance !!! Please SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=roadtesttv For information regarding the next Street Car Drags event, go to http://www.StreetCarDrags.com

Full Electric Car Conversion 1988 Pontiac Fiero @coolelectriccar
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) Best conversion videos are here http://www.cool-electric-cars.com/electric-car-conversion.html and here http://pinterest.com/CoolElectricCar/electric-car-conversion/ Converted Cars http://pinterest.com/CoolElectricCar/zombie-cars/ "Blur-Song 2", sound recording administered by EMI: 17:09

How-to Convert to Electric Series Part 1
First in a series of videos detailing how to convert your vehicle from gasoline to electric. Series features a 1974 VW Karmann Ghia and other conversions by EV4U Custom Conversions. www.EV4Unow.com