Mopar 10 Challenger In Car Cam Walk Around Billet Tech FFDP Chase Dodge UltraReef This is the latest video featuring no. 400 of 500 Mopar 10's ever made. The video includes clips of the new Under Hood dress up kit from Billet Technology for the 5.7 liter hemi. Also included are shots with the new in car cam camera view and close ups of the paint/finish on this beast. The color is called Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl and it has multiple colored metal flakes deep in the paint. Thanks for watching!

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Challenger Mopar '10 - Vette Corvette Chase Car Texas Walk Around - UltraReef Another installment showing off the new 2010 Mopar '10 Dodge Challenger. It is really a sweet machine. My chase car is a 2009 LS3 Corvette with the Z51 package, check out the Heads Up Display HUD. Thanks for watching.

Mike Snody TV How to Build a Handmade Knife - Texas, USA Snody BOSS The ultimate knifemaking video by the legendary Mike Snody. In this epic video, Mike goes step by step on how he makes a very nice custom fixed blade knife that you could do at home with some equipment and training. Watch this video and become inspired to be a knifemaker or just to follow your dreams like Mike Snody is doing. Thanks for watching!

Challenger Engine Cover Tape
How I applied reflective stripes from on my challenger cover. I really got a big surprise when I looked at them at night with some like on them.

My friend just today bought this awesome '65 Plymouth Belvedere 440, 4-speed, Dana Rear and totally restored. The builder had not even quite finished it and decided to sell. He had never even started the brand new engine or driven it out the garage. What a damn deal. The guy cut no corners at all. Everywhere he could he bought the real Mopar Parts. The car as you can see is gorgeous. You are hearing it run for the first time on this video.