How to Convert a car to Electric? Part I

Here I am removing all the un-necessary components out of my Geo Metro. Things like... Engines.

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Electric Car - Australia
Electric car conversion South Australia

Scrappy - Bush Electric Dirtbike
This is a video of me, my wife and Crazy Al converting a Suzuki DRZ-400SM from a broken down petrol bike to a torque monster crazy strong electric bike! This is about 8 months compressed into 9 minutes. Details: Bike: Suzuki DRZ-400SM Motor: Motenergy 0708 Controllrr: Alltrax AXE4844 - 48v 400Amps Battery: CHL 50Ah LiFePo4 cells x 16 Throttle: Magura 0-5k Ohm throttle Display: Large screen Cycle Analyst Front Sprocket: 12t from electric motorsport USA Rear Sprocket: 71t from electric motorsport USA Chain: #530 from electricmotorsport USA Red Button: Emergency stop 2000A breaker from EVworks in perth

How to Kill Weeds Easily without Chemicals?
Using a Hula Hoe and using it early and often, weeds don't stand a chance. They won't be able to reproduce and eventually your yard will be weed free. Keep going by weeding early and often using the hula hoe and your yard will be weed free with very little effort and without having to use any chemicals.

Electric EV Miata MX5 - First FULL POWER Test and Drive
First ever test of the battery electric MX-5 Miata running at full 144VDC/800A. for details, up to date project progress. This machine is FUN, crazy torque! FAQ-Top speed: 70 tested (it'll go higher) Range: 11 mi tested (it'll do more) 0-60: not yet tested. Burnouts: yes. Powerslides: absolutely. Still not totally finished project- STAY TUNED!