JOHNVERGOTZ 7-23-11 Nitrous Explosion.

John Vergotz has issues in round one at Pittburgh Raceway Park. He was number 2 qualifier with a 4.14@177 .

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Scary 700+ci Nitrous Explosion
Scary monster Big Block Nitrous Explosion, driver was out and OK. Hats of to the Carolina Dragway staff for getting the fire out as quickly as possible. Nothing scarier than a burning race car. Hit up Carolina Dragway and give them a LIKE. Taken from the Carnage Fest vol. 3 DVD.

Santa Pod Main event 2011. Engine explosion and car fire
These cars are highly strung machines...... this is what can happen....... the driver walked away.

Harley Davidson Nitrous Explosion Smokin HD Dyno Shooout
Check out this bike on the drag strip racing crotch rockets: 12 time undefeated Dyno winner. Winner of the 2011 Wyotec Brute horsepower Shootout Daytona Beach Fl. V-Twin Unlimited class

Mighty Joe Young backfire 2 - The best video
Ohhhhh $#!+ Wrong button!!!!