357W n20 foxbody vs. CTSV vs. GSXR 600

Back from the dead with some new races/footage, and most importantly... transmission

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Sunday Funday 351w Mustang vs. Ls1 Camaro Daytime Dig runs.
All in good fun.. Unfortunate ending to this day.. the Mustang gave up the ghost on the tie breaker race.. You win some, you lose some. Good things to come.

H/C/I S-trim Notch vs. 357W H/C/I carbed hatchback
Race of 2 years ago Notchback ran rough because of catted H-pipe Had to reupload with new music because Linkin Park Claimed copyright infringment.. They should be damn glad people still listen to their shit, or maybe they were mad because the song had no lyrics, so I wasn't properly expressing inner emo enough. Fuck Them.

352cid Hatchback at it again! Taking on a BBC Monte Carlo.
Back for more! The 12 year old motor is getting quicker and quicker.. Heres the latest from the track day yesterday

Built Foxbody vs. bolton RSX... HE ASKED FOR IT... LITERALLY
and I quote from a text "so when are we racin? Im gonna burst vtec all up in your stangs grill" With that said.. here is the result