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357W n20 foxbody vs. CTSV vs. GSXR 600

Back from the dead with some new races/footage, and most importantly... transmission


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Twin Turbo Dodge Viper VS R6, CBR600RR, GSXR600
97 Dodge Viper with twin turbo setup, races us on our Rockets. This thing is fast. The end speed for the bikes is right around 170+ Mark on the CBR, Frank with the camera on the GSXR and Me on the R6. The actual race doesn't start until 5:02 but were doing short runs the whole time.

Mk indy GsxR vs GT3 vs Z06
Circuit du Grand Sambuc le 13 Nov 2011. MK Indy GsxR 192cv, Porsche GT3 415cv, Corvette Z06 512cv.

RICEKILLER.COM BoostedGT vs. Foxbody
RICEKILLER.COM VIDEO - Two Mustangs battle for a cash prize on the street! A Boosted 1994 GT and a Fox Body, both street cars! Check out how their friends prep a street for a dead stop race! This is how you know someone is serious, spending 30 minutes on a road to prep for one race! The first race is TO close to call so a re-match is called, to decide the final WINNER. Check this video out, and be sure to come by and see us at the RICEKILLER.COM Forums!

2003 Whipple Cobra vs 2007 GSXR 600
See video for mods.

Gsxr 600, Gsxr 750 and Evo 8 crusing around
Gsxr 600, Gsxr 750, Evo 8 cruising Spokane Wa

07 corvette Z51 vs 91 foxbody
07 corvette z51-vararam, slp longtubes, highflow cats, x pipe, corsa xtreme, hp tune, DR's. 91 foxbody auto 3000 stall, Exhaust, 150 shot, cam ,gt40 heads, DR's.

2007 gsxr 600 vs 2 old school 750's
4th of July run in Atlanta.... they said a 600 couldn't keep up with a 750.

Fox Body vs a lot of cars
Procharged Fox body vs. Various cars

2 Nitrous ZO6s vs some bikes(GSXR 600-1000 & CBR600 )
to the mooooooooooon facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Redmaro-ProductionsFbodyFreak-Films/24596504 5449183?ref=hl

Dave's 5.0 vs. Evo 8.avi
This is my friend's car, he threw me the keys and told me to race an Evo because he had a couple drinks in him. I don't drink, and never drove a new 5.0.. but made the best of it.. especially considering the fact stock tires and 27* weather DONT MIX!

585hp 2003 Whipple Mustang Cobra Vs. 2006 Gsxr 600 Awesome Race!

GSXR 600 vs Police
And so whenever they appear at the end ...

4.0 Whipple 2009 GT500 vs TC78 370 Foxbody vs Hayabusa
4.0 Whipple 2009 GT500 vs TC78 370 Foxbody vs Hayabusa

Turbo 240sx vs Fox Body Mustang
A 1990 turbo 240sx with an sr20det running on 7lbs of Boost, FMIC, turbo back Exhaust, and stag 2 clutch race a 1988 Ford Mustang Fox Body with fully forged internals, big cam, head work, pistons, rods, and 2.73 gears. Mustang was not on spray. The Mustang would pull the 240sx after 100mph because the 240sx runs out of gear and torque by that point. Good race make sure to thumbs up and comment. Video was edited using Adobe Premiere CS6.

Lingenfelter 700HP+ Cadillac CTS-V Coupe
Lingenfelter upgrades the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V coupe with cnc ported cylinder heads, GT9 camshaft, Supercharger upgrades and fuel system upgrades to make over 623 rear wheel horsepower! Factory manifolds and catalysts were used for this test along with 93 octane unleaded fuel.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1986 Dodge 600 coupe: 15.108 @ 86.280
Ben Williamson, Engine: 2.2L, Turbos: stock garret Tires: economy

1986 Dodge 600 coupe: 15.802 @ 85.050
Ben Williamson, Engine: 2.2l, Turbos: stock garret Tires: economy


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