Jasmin Hrnic Yugo 1.4l slide throttle bodies

Zastava Yugo 1.4l SOHC, Slide Throttle Bodies 40mm, con-rods H beam, head preparation. Skynam Sybele Challenger 4+, spark plugs Super Bosna Enker, custom camshaft CAT CAMS, piston custom modification, Total Seal piston rings, custom flywheel - steel 3.2kg, custom valves Auto Ventil PP Uzice, custom valve springs CAT CAMS AGA MotorSport www.quartermile.ws

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Janko Vlahovic - Yugo 1.4 , auto trka Pljevlja

Clio throttle bodies, starts after 7 months Pt2
So .... I've already done a startup procedure a couple of days ago, by turning the wheel about 10 min by hand and then turn the engine without the sparkplugs and the injectors off with the starter in order to get some oil to the oil system . But the battery died soon after as it was weak and i couldn't start the engine due to the crank pressure. The engine is dead cold and some burning oil with lots of fuel is the smoke you see passing thru forged pistons to the Exhaust system . So the beast is alive ... LoL ! But having a deep sleep . Today stretched the Roar a little bit. So, thanks to Greek parliament for the best bailout for the country by raising the employment and the avoidance of a recession . And with this bombshell, see you back this summer . LoL ...

Igor Janko yugo 1.6 SOHC
AGA MotorSport Ghigliottine Siber - Giljotina - SideDraft x1/9 fiat128 16V CUSTOM by quartermile.ws Fuel injection Carabine rifle sybele skynam.com

Uno 1.6 Turbo maljak@quartermile.ws
Sybele Skynam Challenger 6 first start, ID1000 injectors, turbo Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 TD05hr16g6, custom twin scroll ex monifold etc. Best 402 time 12.365sec.