Edinburgh sleeping police

was walking home in the early hours of the mornig and found two sleeping police on duty. Lothianburn junction of the edinburgh bypass.

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Edinburgh police 2
Got stopped by armed police for wearing a weighted workout vest during a long walk. After the police acertained it was a vest filled with weighted beads, they insist on my details even though no crime has been committed. I try to refuse, but they threaten arrest

Cops Abuse Open Air Preachers at Covenanters Monument Edinburgh Scotland
Police abuse open air preacher Don Karns at the Covenanters Monument in Edinburgh Scotland. Don was lifting the name of the Lord Jesus Christ when the Edinburgh police came up to him and illegally ripped his microphone out of his amp. This video starts right after the Police did that. The police then illegally tried to stop another preacher from videotaping their blatant abuse of power. As he videotaped the other officer tried to block him from videotaping.They hated being videotaped so much that they put Don in the police car so we could not videotape or hear what they were saying. The second police officer went on a wild goose chase trying to drum up false accusations about Don so they could arrest him. Praise God, they did not get any. They hate the preaching of the Gospel there and will do anything to stop it ...including illegally detaining/arresting a person. Praise God that the Gospel of our Precious Savior Jesus Christ was still proclaimed in the streets of Edinburgh! Glory to God! No King but Christ! REPENT and BELIEVE the Gospel.

Edinburgh Lothian Road Riot
Cav emptied and chavs descended, spilling onto Lothian Road. No crimes committed but frightening to see the lack of police intervention.

Edinburgh Streetfight after roadrage near Hibernian Stadium, Scotland
Just a random streerfight that I filmed after hearing loud tyre screech when someone "launched" himself from the light and probably causing near-miss with the pedestrian. Angry driver then proceed to park his car and rush to try and beat the crap out of pedestrian. Needles to say he didn't. Police appeared after 5 mins. Don't know who the guys in the van are, but they seem to be his friends (?), as they let him open their van door without saying anything reg plate: x9910ss