Irwindale Street Drags Oct 6 2011 I could not get this car to hook tonight! Best ET of the night 7.88, best MPH 95.97.

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California Speedway/Dragway Street Legal Drag Racing - Feb 5 2011
Great day at the track! The track was hooking like I've never seen, due to some fresh VHT! My best pass was 12.48 @ 113.75 mph, 1.9x 60 ft. The other passes were 12.7 and 12.5 @ 114 mph.

02 SS Camaro @ Irwindale Speedway 7.91 @ 94 mph Just got back from the track! Irwindale Drag Strip. I'm learning how to launch with the 2-step... First pass, I slipped the clutch WAY too slow and blew the clutch! Luckily it was fine after a cool down. Got 2 clean passes out of 5 total, my best was 7.74 @ 94.4 mph... which is a new best for me! Thanks to Cunningham Motorsports for the great build! The run in the video is 7.91 @ 94 mph.

Snow Summit Christmas Eve 2014 - Big Bear Lake, CA

R35 GTR - 8.68 @ 162 mph- BoostLogic BL1300 With Drag Suspension
This is not my car... I wish! THIS CAR IS CURRENTLY FOR SALE HERE: -8sec-monster-145obo/ From the for-sale thread: "Full BoostLogic 1300hp package with upgrades. HTA 35 turbos. BL intake manifold. COBB w/tcm, Flexfuel with sensor so can run on either regular gas or e85. Shep stg 4+ transmission with some extra reinforcement ;). DSS pro level axles with broached hubs. Penske BL drag suspension. 18" Volk ze40 with M&H tires on the front and NT05R in the rear, 17" BL drag wheels with hoosiers and much much more. Car did 1289hp and 1075 tq. "