Irwindale Street Drags Oct 6 2011 I could not get this car to hook tonight! Best ET of the night 7.88, best MPH 95.97.

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Drag racing my 68 Camaro at Irwindale Ca
This is my 68 Camaro from Gear Heads Racing, Paramount Ca. Im taking a pass at Irwindale Drag strip, street legal drags April 2009. As you can see I launched pretty hard with the front end lifting a good amount. (you wish your Nova lifted like this emilio). Any ways I pulled a good pass that night . 7.5 sec.1/8 mile.

Martincillo en fontana street legal drags 2/5/11
arancones en fontana

Irwindale May 14 2009 Crash
Wild Pony Hits Wall At Irwindale

2011 Moon Eyes Christmas Party
At Irwindale Speedway Dec. 10, 2011. What a blast !!! Thanks Moon Eyes !!!