Yamaha 900 Diversion XJS Delkevic

Yamaha 900 Diversion (XJS) de 1995 avec silencieux Delkevic (450 mn)... Carénage JMV Concept

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Yamaha Diversion XJ900
Демо ролик моей Ямахи. ВИДЕО обзор http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rm1WXtVAo4&list=TLntxycaRFBgk9bV8MxjAPbFAcz K3R68eC СМОТРЕТЬ только в HD 720i Музыка и слова народные-))

Yamaha xj 900 dversion pierwszy i drugi bieg
pierwsza jazda xj-ką :D

Deze Yamaha XJ 900 S DIVERSION van 2002 is verkocht door Swinkels Motoren in Tilburg. Kijk voor meer info op www.swinkelsmotoren.nl

Yamaha XJ900 S Diversion 1996 P HPI clear XJ 900
Estimated sale price £900.00 £1300.00 This is an all round good bike with no work to be done. It is a UK model that has been sitting around unused on a SORN for a while, and the machine must now be sold, so the bike is entered in to this auction for a quick disposal. The videos in this description are intended to give you an idea of the wear and tear, and any defects that I have found, whilst examining and testing the bike.