FI-R's 700hp Ford Lightning..

Compilation of pics/videos, from our 2001 KB 2.6H powered Ford Lightning project, which was assembled in 2009. The truck makes in excess of 700hp, and lays down 630whp on a very low 14.5psi, on 93 octane fuel. While we've never cranked it up, it is very capable of making over 800hp on C16/high Boost. The credit goes to Kenne Bell, and JLP Racing, for the excellent head/blower package..

More Videos...

SS THIS on 23lbs of Boost
PSI Motorsports SS THIS 10.01 @ 138 at Houston Raceway

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Lamborghini Aventador and Ford Lightning - Full
Lamborghini LP720-4 Anniversary. I spun as usual, had to pedal it. Way to much traffic unfortunately so never got another chance. The rainy day did make for an awesome photo shoot afterwards. I've got them on my Facebook page.

PSE Superchargers Twin supercharged SVT Lightning