accord after timing & balance belt change

accord after timing & balance belt change. Sounds like a belt may be overtensioned? and the valves need to be adjusted

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92 accord 2.2 rear balance shaft
I believe this is the correct way to set the rear balance shaft on a 92 2.2 accord. The manual wasn't very clear. I hope this video can help someone else, and if you think it's wrong, PLEASE let me know. thx

1992 Honda Accord Timing Belt/Water Pump Replacement Highlights
Some of the steps taken to replace a timing belt and water pump on a 1992 Honda Accord. This isn't a step by step procedure, but the video shows most of the steps involved to do this job. Refer to the service manual for all of the steps, and follow all proper safety precautions!

How to check for a jumped timing chain or belt
The method of timing verification shown in this video can be used on any car. Even on old school, non-computer controlled systems. I am also showing in this video how to properly align the timing chains on a 2003 Suzuki Aerio 2.0 Engine Performance Diagnostics chapter 1 pages 17-23 Symptoms - no start with good spark, fuel and compression - cylinder head was repaired and timing chains replaced and now the engine will not start Fix - remove and re-align timing chain (wrong colored link was used on the main chain to align the marks) Tests shown - how to determine the cause of a no start condition - how to check for spark with a basic spark tester - how to verify fuel is getting to the cylinder (propane test) - how to test for proper compression - how to determine perform a relative compression test - how to verify proper ignition timing with a scope - how to use an in-cylinder pressure transducer - how to set the timing chains properly Tools used - PicoScope 4425 4 Channel Standard Diagnostic Kit f6ff81c728f42d0d&go= d-Diagnostic-Kit-p9276.html - Fluke PV350 pressure transducer - Thexton Spark Tester Playlist - (Chapter 1) Misfire ID, Compression Tests, Vacuum Leaks, Fuel Trim, Head Gasket, Restricted Exhaust, Low Power, DMM Related videos - Honda Civic 1.7 (start, run, stall case study) - How to perform a compression test with a scope (Verus-Vantage) - Jumped timing chain (no compression on 3 cylinders) - GM 3.6 - Broken timing chain with good spark - GM 2.2 (part 1) - Broken timing chain with good spark - GM 2.2 (part 2) For more information on this topic, I have written a “field manual” called Engine Performance Diagnostics which is available at as an eBook or paper book. Want even more diagnostic training? Whether you are a DIY trying to fix your own car, someone looking to become an auto technician, or a current auto technician that wants to get more into diagnostics, subscribe to ScannerDanner Premium There is a 14 day free trial. On ScannerDanner Premium I will bring you right into my classroom at Rosedale Technical College. You will find page for page lectures taken right from my book as well as exclusive classroom type case studies. What is so special about these classroom case studies? I pull live problem vehicles directly into my classroom and we troubleshoot them in real time, using and applying the theory and testing procedures we learn during the classroom lectures. There is no better on-line training of how to troubleshoot automotive electrical and electronics systems anywhere!

Honda Accord VTEC timing belt and water pump Honda Accord VTEC High Detail How to
You can buy a quality belt and water pump online here TF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B001NYE26U&linkCode=as2&tag=httpww wyou00f-20 Special thanks to Spanky for filming this video for me. : ) My last Honda Accord video was very well viewed, but lacking in good sound, stability, and lighting so I did another one with some help. Enjoy High Detail How to do a timing belt and water pump Honda Accord VTEC