First time applying vinyl wrap

Dave & Pete show how to or how not to vinyl wrap a car bonnet. We show you the way we found to be easy. There are many different methods.. This is just one. Thanks to VG Auto Paints Music By: Kevin Macleod car wrap vinyl

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How to, color change leather
Using the Leatherique product range you can rejuvenate, restore and change the color of your leather seats or furniture. Music by DanoSongs All products available at VG Auto Paints leather restoration color change interior color change

How to repair a dent and body filler tips
In this episode Dave gets a pro in to show us how to fix a dent (dent repair) use body filler the right way. After getting a quote for around $800 we thought we could show how you can do it yourself,. Without a stud gun or expensive tools this guide will give you the know how to repair almost any dent you come across. Thanks to Peter Lamb from Melomotive VG Auto Paints Upol Music By: Danosongs Body filler Bondo

How to paint plastic with spray cans.
How to paint plastic with spray cans and get a glossy finish. Includes primer, paint, clear, sanding and buffing. Buff pads used. Click here to support Movember Mr Buff _922 Buff Pads _1180

How to paint colored chrome and get an anodized finish
Dave uses a chrome paint and some candy colors to get some cool effects similar to anodizing. All products available from Music by DanoSongs Inkarnation artofgardens All products available at VG Auto Paints custom paint painting dna chrome anodize