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Ford Capri driving winter 1998

Winter 1997/98 Ford Capri 2.0 without winter tyres


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Top Gear goodbye Ford Capri

Capri 2.0S cosworth, 0-200 km/h and 100-230 km/h
This is my old capri 2.0S with cosworth 2.0 YB engine, t5 gearbox and atlas 3.44 + zf motorsport lsd rear axle. Earlier the engine gave 364 hp but after rebuild with wrc-pistons, long H-profile rods, ported head + bd16 cams it has not been Dynoed yet. Let´s see after turbo swap. The guitar player is my relative. His playing and this Deep Purple`s old song sounds good to me and hope you like it too.

Fatal Drag Racing Accident In 2015 (Don't Lose)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC05gR4zpbumy2MPpUJfBZew Kanalımızı Takip Edin Lütfen Act I: Diary of Jane 0:02 Gordon Smiley 0:15 Dan Wheldon 0:40 Ronnie Peterson 0:58 Julius Slick Johnson 1:16 Blaise Alexander 1:35 Tom Pryce & Frederik Jansen Van Vuuren 1:51 Don Williams. [Autounfall] fatal car accidents 2015 -HD ========================= Thanks for watching ^_^ ☞ SUBCRIBER - LIKE - COMMENT If you like video please. Site: Best car crashes compilation in this channel.Car Crash Compilation # 460 - January 2015.All crashes.

Stupid Driver / Cop Fail / Rage Mode Activated
IT'S NOT ILLEGAL TO LANE-SPLIT (AKA RIDE BETWEEN CARS) WHERE I LIVE, so stick your troll comments up your ass. :) Watch the entire video for the update of what the police had to say after reviewing the footage. I don't know what the road rules are where you (the viewers) are from, however, our road rules here state that a vehicle in the left hand lane of a roundabout can ONLY turn left or go straight through the roundabout intersection. They CANNOT turn right, as this cuts off vehicles in the right hand lane who might be travelling straight through the intersection. Vehicles in the right hand lane of a roundabout are permitted to go straight through the roundabout or turn right. The woman in the Gold/Brown SUV made an illegal turn at a high traffic intersection which could have resulted in a serious crash. She then proceeded to squeeze me out of merging where a double lane becomes a single lane. I had right of way, as my vehicle was ahead of hers, and I was travelling at the speed limit. The woman in the gold car who was behind and to the left of me was legally required to slow down and allow me to merge. She then got her phone out and took a photo of me, so I pulled over in the bicycle lane to allow her to pass me. I did this because she clearly wasn't concentrating on her driving and it was a safe move for me to make. You can tell by her lane positioning that she was not focused on the road or her driving at all. Anyone could have stepped out into the bushland on the side of the road and she would not have been able to react in time to avoid collision. At the point where I got next to her and spotted her talking on her phone, she took both hands off the wheel. I was not following her intentionally, this route was part of my commute to see a client for work. I also made attempts once we reached the police station to make myself look less intimidating, such as removing my helmet and softening my expression. This overconfident, stupid, dangerous road user thought that the cops would act in her defence... wrong, the guy on the bike had all the evidence. I handed the footage over to the cops, and they sided with me. Go ahead and let me know if you enjoyed the video by clicking the 'Like' Button :D I love your support!! SUBSCRIBE: http://t.co/lAs2Jsx55p For regular updates, Follow me on TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/leadpin Follow me on INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/leadp1n JOIN THE TEAM: http://t.co/lAs2Jsx55p FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/leadpin TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/leadpin Video Contents: 2009 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Icon Variant Helmet RST Leather Motorcycle Jacket R-Jays Gloves Drift HD Ghost Action Camera Getting Naked In Public Ogio Motorcycle Backpack Draggin Jeans / Alpinestar Motorcycle Boots Police investigate my footage dangerous driver gets herself in trouble with police Grumpy and Ready for some Road Rage!!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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