LFS - Thrustmaster T500RS 1080º - Newbie at the wheel

2 laps. First one with fresh tyres and the wheel's FF is brutal. Second lap with hot tyres goes a bit better Game is Live For Speed (LFS) http://www.lfs.net/ Music: Machinae Supremacy - Through The Looking Glass Masterplan - Sail On

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Switching from G29 to T500RS
Thanks to you and your views in the last month, I can afford this nice steering wheel. So I made this short video a week ago just before selling my G29, to show you my 1st personal experience with the T500rs. Remember to consider that: the G29 is a medium range steering wheel like the T300, while the T500 is a high range steering wheel. I need some practice, but I think I'll regain my full competitiveness soon. ;-) Be ready: new video tomorrow! ^^

Richard Burns Rally -Cote de arbroz- /Toledonen #3199/ Racing Simulator RBR
NEW VIDEO! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bm8NtRQC-M&t=28s Game: Richard Burns Rally (PC) Playseat: Homemade playseat + Logitech G25 performance Have a nice day :D

Best Gaming Tech 2016 - Top 5 gaming setups every gamer wants
Like big screens? Want full immersion? Want realism? Want to feel like you're part of the game? Then check out these 5 awesome gaming setups. Links below: Racing games, flying games, first person shooters. Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, DCS, Assetto Corsa, Arma, Doom http://www.simpit.co.nz https://www.youtube.com/user/tzahry http://www.pixelwix.com https://www.youtube.com/user/Pixewix Best gaming setup, 3D virtual gaming, with giant curved screens surrounding up to 270 degrees. So immersive every gamer will want one. gaming systems, gaming rigs.

LFS Drift Onboard | Drifting Simulation
My Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/ToraProds Hello youtuber, Here is a quick onboard video I made just after installing my new steering wheel, thanks to chilicoke adapter for logitech g25. Game : Live For Speed http://www.lfs.net/ Car : 600hp FXO with 60° steering lock, 255 tyres, DTD (Drift Tyre Dynamics) All these mods/tweaks can be found in one : NTO (New Tweak Order) and are working in 0.6B please visit : nto.driftbeasts.no (Download tweak here) Link to my nto setup and IG setup : http://forum.team-fortitude.net/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=518&p=3781#p3781 (you must register to download) Music : Infected Mushroom - Pink Nightmares