Crazy Pilots Taking off from Congo small road

Take off from a Congo road, temporarily trasnformed into Runway, with sharp 45 deg. turn in the middle of plane take-off run

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Amazing take off!!!
this is my dad who flys in Venezuela as a bush pilot for medical service. Its a non profit organization called AMA (Adventist Medical Aviation) he is taking off of a short down hill runway and he is at gross wieght, half tanks of fuel, 4 passengers, and lots of baggage. He is flying a C-182 no stol kit no wing extentions just straight plane. when he leaves the ground its at 45 MPH (stall speed is 65 MPH) he uses ground effect with flaps to leave the ground and cleans the flaps as he picks up spead. Amazing flying!

wild take off!
This is a video of my dad flying a C-182 in a village in Venezuela called Frijol. His name is Bob Norton Flying non profit medical aviation. AMA Because of the uneven strip at the end it is hard to get turned around and not get stuck in the mud. With a good size hump at each end I take off down hill and get in the air using ground effect to get out of the water and mud. Then stay right down in ground effect and get all the speed I can before the end. Most the time I can get all the way up to 65 MPH and that is 5 mph over stall speed and then you are never going over the mountain so I turn between the trees and head out. After you pull it out of there you have to keep nose down and let air speed build up and then you can climb. I had a C-172 in there a few times before aquiring the current C-182 and the first time it took me a while to figure out how to get back out of there. Did it the same way I take off now with the 182. Just lots better with the 182!!!

L-410 crazy landing and take off in africa kongo
L-410 crazy landing and take off in africa kongo

F-18 Hornet - Taking off the road 2011
F-18 Hornet Lentoharjoitus Warkaus 2011. Valtatie 5 Joroinen Finland