Crazy Pilots Taking off from Congo small road

Take off from a Congo road, temporarily trasnformed into Runway, with sharp 45 deg. turn in the middle of plane take-off run

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L-410 crazy landing and take off in africa kongo
L-410 crazy landing and take off in africa kongo


Extreme Airport Approach in Iceland! (HD)
Watch in HD! Fokker 50 of Air Iceland landing at Isafjordur airport BIIS in remote West Fjords in Iceland. A landing from the other direction can be found below. Air Iceland flies to this airport daily and has been for 60 years. In the beginning they used DC-3, DC-4, Vickers Viscount 759 and F27 but now they use F50 since 1992. This 230 degree turn to the runway is neccesary because of the high mountains encircling the airport. This approach is dreaded by passengers in bad weather because you are so close to the mountains in a 35-40 degree bank. This airport has high limits conscerning cloud level and winds. Once you are in the fjord, go around is not an option. Here is a video of approach from the other side:

Amazing take off!!!
this is my dad who flys in Venezuela as a bush pilot for medical service. Its a non profit organization called AMA (Adventist Medical Aviation) he is taking off of a short down hill runway and he is at gross wieght, half tanks of fuel, 4 passengers, and lots of baggage. He is flying a C-182 no stol kit no wing extentions just straight plane. when he leaves the ground its at 45 MPH (stall speed is 65 MPH) he uses ground effect with flaps to leave the ground and cleans the flaps as he picks up spead. Amazing flying!