My Crash on Mt Lemmon or be alert on ice.wmv

The motorcycle crash at actual speed (not slow motion like the first video published a week ago). No music on this one; just the actual sounds recorded by the GoPro Hero HD helmet cam. You can see me riding the Victory Vision back down Mt Lemmon after the crash in another video published last week right after the original crash video in slow motion.

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Harley Davidson Lowside Motorcycle Crash
Customized Harley Bagger crash near the Rock Store. Great recovery, used momentum to land back on his feet then just walked away while bike was still crashing. Very lucky, he was uninjured except just a quarter size spot of road rash on his knee. AKA Harley Street Glide

Bloody motorcycle crash on the tail of the dragon.08-06-11
Motorcycle crash on the tail of the dragon

Guy opens his door on me.
Happened in November 2011. Finger still has a bruise under the nail 3 months later. August 2012 ***Just to update. I won the claim. Driver is at fault. He failed to check it was safe to open his driver door. Police also blamed him at the scene of the accident. I was within reach of the door due to it being the end of the junction. Driver said he opened his door to ask the driver of the van behind him for directions.***

Girl Crashes Motorcycle
Lowside @ 2:19. Learned a ton. Surprised I hadn't gone down sooner. All you trolls that are gonna come outta the woodworks on this can suck a fat one. For all of you who know the feeling, I'm right there with ya. SHIFT BRAND by Fox Racing OVER THE ANKLE STEEL SHANK Locking riding Shoes. NOT TENNIS SHOES! ATGATT c'mon guys.