My Crash on Mt Lemmon or be alert on ice.wmv

The motorcycle crash at actual speed (not slow motion like the first video published a week ago). No music on this one; just the actual sounds recorded by the GoPro Hero HD helmet cam. You can see me riding the Victory Vision back down Mt Lemmon after the crash in another video published last week right after the original crash video in slow motion.

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Ride Safe
The speech is from Charlie Chaplin - Great Dictator, the most inspiring speech I've ever heard Follow me on Facebook: The accidents in these particular scenes were not caused by overspeeding Drive only as fast as you have it under control you only got 1 life - take good care of it Ride Safe

Why We Still Don't Hire Women
How many tries does it take Lindsey to pick up this Ultra Classic? and can the Guys even pick it up? Find out what phone mount Lindsey uses here: Click Here for a Chance to Win a Motorcycle Check out our website: Follow us on Instagram: SRKCycles Motorcycle Dealer Located in Landisville, Pa. posting awesome videos of all of the bikes we get in! Check out what we have, hear our thoughts and opinions, and leave us a comment with what you think! If you LOVE any of the following: -Bikes -Beards -More Bikes THEN SUBSCRIBE

How to Pick up a Big Motorcycle Accidentally Dropped
Demonstration video showing how to pickup a large motorcycle accidentally dropped

DRIFT – Remix Bikes Only – Victory Motorcycles
Supercharged Victory Motorcyles never sounded better. This version is for those of you who want to hear the bikes without the music. Check out the rest of the videos in the DRIFT Series: • DRIFT – Full Feature – Victory Motorcycles: • DRIFT – Trailer – Victory Motorcycles: • DRIFT – Do Not Attempt Teaser – Victory Motorcycles: Ride One and You'll Own One. Our mission stands: Build the best motorcycle on the planet. Push them to their limits. Give riders the ride of their lives. For more information visit Connect with us on: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Google+ - bout/p/pub Related Content playlist URL video URL Ride One and You'll Own One.