AceWhips.NET- Chevy Donk on 30" dub zveet floaters- Arctic Customs

FOR THE PICTURES GO TO: Chevy Donk on 30" dub zveet floaters at Arctic Customs

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Sh*t Talking! Donk Master Vs. Charlotte, NC Guys - 1080p HD
While we were in Charlotte, NC for Ultimate Audio's car show, after the show some guys from Charlotte, NC area wanted to race my homie Donk Master and my other homie Chad (AKA Lazy Boy Customs). So they were shit talking with each other about racing! It was funny for the most part haha, and even tho they were shit talking each other, everyone was cool people. They wanted to race Donk Master's Z06 Donk with a G-Body Monte Carlo SS in an 1/8 mile race, but Donk Master wanted a 1/4 mile race. Then they said they wanted to race on foot, and racing all kind of cars lol. The guys from North Carolina said they gonna bring some ACTION for us to race at our car show on August 15th @ Darlington Dragway, so we shall see! Gonna be a good!!

2010 Audi Q7 Truck on 30" Dub Ganja Floaters- Kandyland Customs
FOR THE PICTURES GO TO: 2010 Audi Q7 Truck on 30" Dub Ganja Floaters- Kandyland Customs

FIRE ON THE STREETS VOLUME 2 DUB Wheels and Coast 2 Coast Customs Show of their latest staggered spinners and concave wheels! 1973 Impala Blower & Dual Quads Tearing the streets up in Ft. Lauderdale. Owner Flaco Driver & Engine Builder Alex. Check out a Clean Monte Carlo LS with a LS VETTE MOTOR AND A WICKED turbo gettin LOOSE! Non Stop action! FILMED BY LANCE PONTING THE OLD DIGITAL WHEELS AND ORIGINAL EAST COAST RYDERS 1-4. Get Ready for a new Street Life Video Series. Starting a new team! Looking to TEAM UP with new Talent, Still need a Host and Lots of music. Call 786-256-8288 Lance If you got a Donk, G-Body or Old School the Hooked up call Filming starts today!

Spade Kreations Phantom Donk at a local car show
This is a video clip of the Phantom Donk at a Cincinnati, Ohio area car show. This car was built by Spade Kreations in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information visit