2.8L Triple Webers

Just a little fun video. 1st part is during a cruise thru The Valley of Fire near Las Vegas, the 2nd part was shot to show the Exhaust sound and LACK of valve train noise...

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'76 S30Z Startup and Exhaust Sound
Triple Weber 45's, lots of engine mods, MSA 3-2 Headers Coated, Custom Stainless Steel Mandrel Bend 2.5" Exhaust, with Magnaflow muffler ****UPDATE**** This engine bit the dust, and was replaced with a Rebello 3.0L. Stay away from ebay engines!


280Z Triple Weber 45 - First Start
UPDATE - After 3 months of light use, this engine failed. The rockers kept coming off the posts, and eventually pistons made contact with the valves. 3000$ engine down the drain... stay away from ebay rebuilt engines! New Rebello 3.0L has taken its place - See my other videos.

Rebello 3.0 Datsun 240z Sound, Muffler
Just a sound clip before and after Dynomax Bullet Muffler install. I wanted to cut down on the freeway noise at 3krpm. It was a drone that was getting on my nerves. The bullet center muffler cut down the drone and sound overall... Its not as loud and raspy, but much better to live with. Sorry about the alarm warning sounds...neighbors car :)