Hit and Rally ,Car Crashes Camera Man!!Cameraman goes very Bad!!!

Crazy Cameraman Goes BAD!!! accident Raliul Baia Mare 2005 Rally crash

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Die Crashpiloten
Short rally crash compilation shown on RTL II

Crazy driver crash into publiccrowd and kills 6 innocent peoples.
On april 30th a Suzuki Swift was trying to hit the bus with royal members. Killed 6 innocent people who were just standing aside. A happy day turned black. The driver died the night after suffering damage in his brains, caused by the crash of his car into a pole that stands in front of the royal palace.

Animals Hit By Cars - Animals On The Road Compilation (18+)
Please Subscribe, Like, and comment on my video! :) Thank You! These clips are meant for educational purposes only. When you drive by woods and forrests you have to look out for possible animals crossing the road! It's very common to see deers and rabbits trying to cross. These clips are violent and scary, and you might cry watching this, so watch at your OWN Risk! I recommend 18+ Drive safe everyone! And don't drive without stopping if you hit an animal on the road! It needs to die if it's suffering from pain!

Almost Hit, Close Calls, - Dead Experience Rally Compilation
Can people be this lucky? Well, I'm sure this great video shows the most exceptional almost hit videos! (or if you want to call it close calls / almost dead experiences). What you see here is amazing. Astonishing. All the luck in the rally world in one video. You will definitely see new almost hit and close calls / almost dead experiences videos! You will see about 25 different video's with people with great luck, jumping rally cars, 4 guys walking on the track, a woman almost hit by a rally car because she slipped in the mud, (for both see my account for the whole video), a safety person almost hit by Sebastian Loeb in his Citroën C4 WRC in the Monte Carlo rally, big jump and crash almost in a cameraman, people almost get driven over, car vs. tree, a astonishing close call (almost crash), a Subaru almost landed on a guy, and a very lucky sheep;)! Made by TheOnePb (editing - rehanfx.org used), videos NOT by TheOnePb (some by WRC and some by youtube on "close call, almost hit and almost dead experience"). Music: The Shrink - Nervous Breakdown Reloaded (John Marks Remix) But not everyone was ALMOST hit (see end) TheOnePb