Danny Panoz, LA Auto Show

Danny Panoz - Owner, founder and visionary leader of Panoz Auto Development Company - builder of the Esperante.Episode 7009

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Don Garlits
Don Garlits - "Big Daddy" Don Garlits has been named the "King of the Dragsters." He has won the NHRA U.S. Nationals 8 times, has 17 World Champion titles and a total of 144 National Event wins.Episode 7010

Le Mans Museum of the Automobile
Barry Meguiar takes us on an exciting tour of this famous museum that captures the history of Le Mans. Episode 12004

Brock Yates
One of the best-known, most respected automotive journalists in the world. He is the Editor-at-Large and featured columnist for "Car and Driver" magazine, has written several books and is an active commentator on automotive industry matters.

Lamborghini Tour
Join Barry Meguiar as he takes a closer look at the driving force behind one of the hottest Italian sports cars--Lamborghini. Massimo Ceccarani, technical director of Lamborghini, takes us in to sneak a glance at some of the newest Lamborghini's on the line. Sit down with Barry as he chats with Massimo about the history of this amazing car, and its legacy created by Ferruccio Lamborghini over forty years ago! Episode 10020