Lexus is350 street race

just having some fun with the locals

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Mustang GT vs Camaro Z28 vs IS350
06 Mustang GT vs LS1 Camaro Z28 vs Bolton IS350

10 minute race with Ferrari 360 vs IS 350 on highway
Intense sh*t goin down 3 in the morning on the high way. Corvette could've joined in, but he pussed out. Dark and quality not as good because it was taken on my itouch. Gotta give credit to the guy driving the Ferrari, the guy was a true boss and his car's Exhaust were absolutely incredible (Which you can sort of hear in the video).

RX7 VS Lexus IS350
2 of my friends go head to head in a few races one is in a rx7 twin turbo an the other is in a lexus is350 sport edition with racing package..the lexus has a insane launch but in the end the rx7 just as so much Boost an pulls past him.. please like an subscribe

IS350 vs. NSX
My stock 06 Lexus IS350 vs 91 Acura NSX with I/H/E from a 40, six speed nsx