Lexus is350 street race

just having some fun with the locals

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Mustang Almost Crashes Racing Lexus IS350
lexus takes it

IS250 vs IS350 Drag Race
IS250 vs IS350 at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale (1/8th mile). IS250's time ~10.2 seconds.

Lexus IS350 crashes at race track to much Nos..
Lexus is350 crashes at irwindale 1/8 mile track after he uses Nitrous... 2 much NAWZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ torretto

Lexus IS350 vs. Supercharged Prelude
Me racing a supercharged prelude. He only wanted to race from a 20 roll which is my cars weak point. Watch closly I almost pulled him but he cut me off. Good race though.