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Willowbank Raceway held the 1st of the 2012 Top Sportman Series on the weekend. Reece McGregor and the Heat Treatments Skyline thought it would be a good chance to have some test runs in their worlds fastest RB26 powered 4wd skyline. The team worked hard all day and were rewarded with a final pass or 7.64, not far off their 7.56 record, although something tells me theres plenty more to come from this car again. Another car using the test lane was Rob Novak in his Jett Racing 4G63 powered Datsun 1200. The team made adjustments through the day and saw a PB 7.35 @ 187mph on the second last pass of the night, the final wild pass on video then saw a transmission failure but a happy team none the less. Final team testing was the Direct Clutch/Promodz Rx7, the car is 3/4 chassis and a running 3rotor 20BT tweaked by Mazfix. The team recently made adjustments in the rear and also in transmission and are starting to see results, it ran a 7.99 @ 171mph through the day, then later in the night suffered a leaking Boost pipe. Owners Jerry and Dan tell me they havent even started to push the motor yet, so another car with plenty more to come, and im sure that pb 7.80 will soon be slashed. These cars should all be running at the up and coming Sydney Jamboree at WSID and by the looks of things have some unfinished business they want to take care of :)

El Acusado 6.63 @ 100mph, 5ta Copa Cheo Gomez
El Acusado 6.63 @ 100mph en Pase de Prueba en la 5ta Copa Cheo Gomez Domingo en Pista Arecibo Motorsports Nissan Datsun 1200 Mazda 13B Rotor Rotativo All Motor Rotores Import Sport Compact Baby Pro Compactos Rotary Drag Racing Drag Race Car Puerto Rico

Scooby Racing 5.74 @ 124mph, 5ta Copa Cheo Gomez
Scooby Racing 5.74 @ 124mph en Pase de Prueba en la 5ta Copa Cheo Gomez Sabado en Pista Arecibo Motorsports Mazda Toyota Corolla Rotativo turbo Rotor Rotary 13B Import Modified Sport Compact Super Baby Pro Compactos Drag Racing Drag Race Car Puerto Rico 3/4 Chassis

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